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Sugar and Candida

Posted Mar 16 2013 8:04am
I wanted to try and tie in a little about what I know about Candida and how it relates to sugar. The relationship with Sugar and Candida. I found this article by Dr Scott on OlsonND . It explains things more than I ever could:

“Candida albicans is a tiny yeast that inhabits our intestinal tract (and other moist areas of our body) and is the subject of much concern in the natural health world.

While medical doctors scoff at the idea that Candida can cause illness, many people swear by anti-Candida diets and claim that they feel much better when they eliminate sugar and other foods that might contribute to the growing of these yeasts.

There is a big gulf between what most natural medicine practitioners and medical doctors think about Candida. To confuse you even further, I’m going to suggest to you a completely different way of looking at Candida that dispels some of the myths around this one-celled creature, but also helps you to understand why the anti-Candida diets do work and how important that might be to your health.

Not Just Candida

The problem with Candida is that it doesn’t travel alone. To understand this, you have to understand a concept called dysbiosis.

Perhaps it is just human nature to simplify things, but the story of Candida is much more complex than one simple yeast causing your pain and discomfort. Dysbiosis is described as an imbalance of the bacterial ecosystem in your gut. The ecosystem in your gut (also called gut flora) is a big deal and when you are eating sugar and foods that act like sugar, you are changing the ecosystem in your gut (and not in a good way).

There are both good and bad bacteria throughout your digestive system. The health of your digestive system relies heavily on having a balance between the good and bad bacteria that inhabit your gut. Unfortunately, many of the things we do every day destroy that balance: Poor food choices, stress, and exposure to chemicals in our environment, all tilt the balance in the favor of bad bacteria. When bad bacteria thrive, we don’t.

Bad bacteria are bad because when they grow, they produce all sorts of toxins that are harmful to our bodies. Candida itself produces toxins that some people seem to be extremely sensitive to. Imbalances in our digestive flora are tied to all sorts of diseases, from heart disease, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and more.”

I personally suffered a lot of joint pain, stiffness, brain fogginess and tended to get sinus related illness. Also, during my time of the month I was very tired, spinny headed and extra ratty.

The first thing to remember is this: Candida is not alone, there are other critters such as bacteria that can harm you just as much as Candida does. It is not just Candida, but a general shift from health gut bugs to unhealthy gut bugs.

Can Candida Make me Crave Sugar?

This is a bit tougher to answer than you might think: The answer to this question is yes and no.

Most people think that Candida causes them to crave sugar as if the small one-celled organism can collectively take over your mind and cause you to crave more sugar. As far as we know, Candida doesn’t have that kind of mind control powers.

But what does happen when you eat a large amount of sugar and foods that act like sugar is that you grow gut flora that also like sugar.

Here is what happens: Imagine you have a garden full of food that rabbits love. When you have a garden like that, you are more likely to have rabbits eating the food in your garden, the same is true of your gut: If you are constantly eating foods high in sugar, then you grow a bacterial colonies that also thrive on sugar.

Now, if you have a gut full of sugar-loving organisms, what happens when you stop eating so much sugar? The bacteria, yeast, and other critters in your gut munch most of the sugars that you are eating (even if you are eating very few). The end result? You (your body) is not getting many of these sugars (because the bugs get to them first). This is one of the reasons why you crave sugars so much when you go on a low-sugar diet: the bugs are eating any sugars that pass their way (after all, they are hungry too).”

I did a Candida cleanse in 2012 and tracked my progress here .

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