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Study Tips and Snickers Ice Cream Faces Some Competition

Posted Oct 08 2012 6:00am

My first impression was very favorable - the milk chocolate coating looks good (spoiler alert: it tastes good, too) and there seem to be way more nuts than in the Snicker's bar. This mix-ins obsessed girl is a-okay with that!

There's also slightly more caramel than the Snicker's bar, but the caramel, nuts, chocolate, and ice cream are all just as delicious as the Snicker's bar (I really couldn't say that one is yummier than the other, as far as components, as they tasted exactly alike to me).

The WW Ice Cream Candy Bar just had a higher chocolate/caramel/peanuts : ice cream ratio, which tipped the odds slightly in its favor.

Never fear - no icy 'light' ice cream here!

What's your favorite ice cream novelty?

What's the last ice cream treat that you ate?

What are your best study tips?

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