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Spaghetti Squashhhhhhhh

Posted Sep 14 2011 11:48pm

Lately my box has started to provide me with some hardy winter squashes and if you know me, I am all over that.  The past two weeks I’ve gotten two spaghetti squashes and after posting about getting real dinners in , I MADE myself use them tonight.  I even used them to make dinner for my roomie!

pics 004

It’s a simple dinner but had lots of veggies and was better than the smoothies I’ve been favoring the past few weeks!

To make the spaghetti squashes I cut them in half, removed the seeds, placed them in a glass 9x13 pan with a 1/2 inch of water and baked at 375 for about 40 or so minutes. I let them cool, then grated out the inside of one of the halves, added some cooked black beans, broccoli and organic marinara and topped it with some nutritional yeast!

I am sooooo full now.  But a good full.  Nothing better than a satisfying dinner, right?!

Not only am I proud of the dinner that I made, but I’ve also been having snacks other than some sort of nutritional bar.  Sometimes you just have to have something savory right?

pics 003

This has been my favorite snack as of late.  I’ve been getting tons of organic cherry tomatoes in my produce box so I had to figure out a creative way to eat them other than in a salad. I got the roasted pine nut hummus using my Foodbuzz Tastemaker Coupon I received a while back and dang, this has got to be one of my favorites of Sabra’s flavors!  I’m sure you can probably tell since I only got it a few days ago and it’s basically empty.  It goes great with the TJ’s pita chips!

Anyhow, I am sorry I haven’t made my big announcement I told you I’d be doing say…last week?  I’m still in the progress of working on getting it all finished and cleaned up!  And no, I’m not engaged, married, pregnant or moving somewhere else.  Well, maybe. ((wink:wink)) 

I do have something new for you tomorrow though!  I know some people will baulk at it because this is a “food blog” but dangit, sometimes I want to talk about something other than what I eat!  You’ll see soon!

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