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Southern tomatoes!

Posted by Tamar F.

Colonel Michael Edward Masters is a Kentucky Colonel, Southern gentleman and fantastic cook. Tomatoes, which figure prominently throughout the South, are highlighted in his cookbook, “Hospitality – Kentucky Style”. He says that while it may be violating a nutritional code of conduct, he always likes to serve peeled tomatoes. Furthermore, he only peels vine-ripened, locally grown tomatoes.

He serves them at breakfast with basil, fresh ground pepper and a pinch of salt.

Luncheon features a tomato sliced “medium”. This is to be garnished with the fresh fruit of the season.

Dinner sees them sliced 1” thick on a bed of Bibb lettuce, with chives, mayo and ground pepper.

Col. Masters even gets his tomatoes in for a snack! He does it in a tomato sandwich, with salt, pepper and sometimes, a slice of bacon. I suppose you could do tofurky bacon.

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