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Sister's Special Meat Sauce

Posted Jan 31 2011 7:51pm
     Forrest arrived home late Sunday night from the tree house with no Bambi in tow.  Part of me is thrilled (well actually most of me) that I don't have fresh meat in the freezer but hate that he only saw a few deer in the road on his way home.  Oh'll get'em next year, Tiger.  I spent most of my Sunday afternoon/night working on the abstract painting for the Cosby's living's coming together - slowly but surely.  I took a wog (jog/walk) on the treadmill while Forrest piled up on the couch with the remote and immediately turned on the Discovery channel to watch "How Beer Saved the World" - yeah, right.  I've never seen him so pumped about watching a television show (other than college football and Myth Busters - I seriously hate when that 30 minutes of nerdiness comes on).  After my wog, I realized we had nothing to eat for dinner and then I got a miraculous text message from Sister.  First of all, she cooked which is a miracle in itself (haha, love you Sister).  Secondly, they had leftovers - are they sick or something?!??!  I rushed over to their house to pick up the foods before they decided to inhale it......
Sister's Special Meat Sauce
     Sister would not reveal what made up her special tomato sauce but from the looks/smells of it......Prego tomato sauce, ground beef, salt/pepper, and basil (am I right, Mamee?)   I used to call her that when we were little rug rats because I couldn't pronounce Megan....
 Sister rocked a blonde afro and I sported bangs during the 80's...not sure which is worse.     Anyway, I boiled some noodles and warmed up the sauce (I added parsley, oregano, garlic powder, and yellow onion).  She also gave Forrest a crescent roll and I smeared it with butter and thyme. I topped the sketti with fresh basil and parmesan cheese - Forrest was in an Italian coma and loved having real meat for dinner.  I rummaged through the fridge/freezer and made myself an open-faced veggie burger.....     Morning Star Garden burger, Popeye leafers, dijon mustard, toasted 7 Grain bread, and an onion....(I'm sure my breaF was kickin' after eating this raw onion).  Mission accomplished once again without going to the grocery store.    Forrest opened a bottle of red, red winnnnneeee (remember that oldie but goodie song? What up UB40?!!) to go along with his pasta....      This is a bottle of Protocolo breathing in Forrest's favorite wine decanter.   This wine is made in Spain at the Domingo de Eguren Winery.  The color is red.....ha - anyway, it has a sweet and tart taste of strawberries and cherries with a slight hint of oak and vanilla.  Gump found this bottle on sale at The Western in Mountain Brook (Birmingham)....six buck-a-roos!  Considering the cheapness and taste, Forrest gives this ruby red 4 stars out of 5.    Time for another wog session with Dr. Dog and then the Cosby's are dropping by for a sneak peak of the painting...ekkk!  I know people can interpret abstract paintings in many different ways....I'm just hoping they don't think it looks like a bad color job by a five-year-old who didn't quite stay in the lines.
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