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Sick Day = Bake Day

Posted Jan 29 2011 11:51pm
First off, what do you think of the new blog header?!?!?!?!?!?   Mara was awesome enough to help me out and make me a new header!  I've been wanting one forever but have no talent for things like that!  THANK YOU SO MUCH MARA !!! <3 YOU!!!

I woke up late for my standards this morning, and even then, most of it was actually laying there and not asleep…since my brain has been up since 0230.  Ugg.
Luckily today was a rest day and chillax’n day so I got to take my time doing, oh, everything.  That includes breakfast.
As much as my appetite is non-existence I wanted french toast with bananas and berries.  But I had no eggs.  And no berries.  French toast fail.  So I kept to my very “un-upsetting” breakfast meal of oats, cinnamon, dried cherries, pb and a banana.  Didn’t upset the belly, thank goodness…
pics 005
I had to drag myself off the couch a few hours later to pick up my Abundant Harvest Box with all my goodies!  Look at all the varieties of citrus!  You know I’m a happy clam now!
pics 006
I was trying to find something other than a pb and banana sandwich to have for lunch so I had some toast with avocado, a very smidge of pepper and tomato slices.  I also had one of those oranges on the side…mistake…what was I thinking with the acid!?  Apparently I was still asleep.
pics 009
I spent the afternoon getting my google reader down to zero, and dozing off more often than not, before getting stir crazy and heading to the scrapbook store in town to buy supplies for some birthday cards I need to make.
pics 010
I think this girl knows I’m sick because she’s being obnoxiously nice and cuddly…
pics 012
Maybe not…she looks like she’s about to contemplate attacking me.
I did do some baking during the afternoon also and tried one of the Banana Chocolate Chunk Muffins ala Snacking Squirrel  with a few dry roasted cashews…but the chocolate hated me…oh whoa is me!   I haven’t had chocolate in days…this is sinister!  They sure are tasty though!  I followed the recipe except for the gluten free flour and had to use unsweetened applesauce instead of greek yogurt as I ran out with the recipe I tried before it…
pics 017
Whole Wheat Lemon Blueberry Scones !
pics 024
I may have left them in a little too long…the bottom is a bit, err, crunchy.
pics 021
I haven’t tried them yet but hopefully will be able to tomorrow or the next day with my belly being the way it is!
Since I haven’t been able to get in many veggies throughout the day I’ve been sticking with the same combo of leafy greens and an egg for dinner…except I added in some mushrooms.  I love the flavors they give off when sautéed and mixed with other veggies.
pics 014
I really wish I could have added some onions and garlic though…it would have made the dish!  And maybe tempeh instead of egg to give it some variety…although I am loving these greens!  They are so simple yet delicious!
Now I’m off to lay around with my heated blanket and watch Titanic…I’m channeling my inner Gabriela
Happy Saturday!  How’s your weekend so far?!  And I’ve been seeing the accent vlog going around the blog world…would you want to hear me do it?  I don’t think my voice is anything exciting because CA people are well, boring voice wise…but I bet you’d be surprised by the pitch; most people are for some reason!  Haha!
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