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She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not.

Posted Mar 22 2012 8:01am

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Confession: I’m slightly obessed with food documentaries. I can track the addiction back the first time I watched Food, Inc a few years ago. I couldn’t believe it took me so long to watch it; it was jam packed with information. This film started my obssesion with food documentaries: I watched every one in sight: Supersize Me , Simply Raw , Food Matters , Fat Sick and Nearly Dead , Fork Over Knives …I couldn’t stop. There was so much I loved about them…

They brought forth facts that many of us aren’t aware of. It is amazing how little we know about our food, how its produced, where it comes from, what pesticides it has & how it affects our body. The more I watched these documentaries the more I learned, the more I researched. I liked the empowerment they brought into my life: knowledge is power. The knowledge I gained through watching/researching made me feel more in control of my nutrition, & I liked that. All these things are positive, & the reason why food documentaries resonate so much with those that watch them. But then there’s the not so positive…

Most food documentaries leave me feeling helpless, because no matter how much I learn, how much I try to eat clean, there are limitations. Sure, I’m a vegetarian who eats organic, local produce & I’m sure that makes a difference but am I eating 100% clean? Mostly likely not & that bums me out. Even if you eat local or seasonally you may still eat pesticides & all sorts of chemicals (depending on the farmer). Food labels are so misleading: organic, cage free…there is truly no way to completely ensure we are eating clean diets. The food labeling system is flawed & until there’s a rigorous effort to change it, making the labels true, we may never know just what we’re consuming. Sometimes after I watch food documentaries I walk away feeling defeated, that’s the negative.

So where does that leave me? In a I-love-food-documentaries-I-love-them-not debacle. I still watch them, I still love learning new things. I still feel somewhat helpless after watching them & realizing the big food conglomerates make it nearly impossible to eat the way nature intended us to. But regardless of that, I do believe my choices make a difference, even if its a small one. Eating local, seasonal, organic food is worth every penny. And no one can take that away from me.

How do you feel about food documentaries? Are you a fan?

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