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Searching for Non-Dairy Butter?

Posted by Lara I.

So, I did not realize that when my doctor put me on a "no dairy" diet, that giving up butter would be so hard. Then, I tried Earth Balance, a vegan, non-dairy "buttery spread". I like it. It tastes very buttery, I mean like movie theater popcorn buttery, so a little artificial, but I love the taste of butter so much, that I'd rather it be too flavorful than not enough. Next I am going to try Smart Balance; it's lower in calories. I'll let you know my feedback on that one.
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I have read many Ayurvedic books.. and while they will use ghee, which is clarified butter, they also recommend the use of sesame oil. It has that rich, "buttery" taste that satisfies in cooking or as a bread dip. I don't like foods that try to be other foods, generally... I don't like tofu or whatever trying to be butter. I'd rather something be its own great version of itself. Also, is your no dairy diet just cow's milk, or can you enjoy goat's or sheep's milk? Many Spanish cheeses are very exotic and don't bother people the way cow's milk can.
What you'll want to purchase will depend upon what you want to use it for. Many people who are dairy-free use Earth Balance for baking. I prefer Spectrum Spread for toast. If the purpose is for cooking, then I do think that a bit of oil is better. If it's for flavor, find the nondairy product that tastes best to you. Remember that no matter what, margarine in any form is not a top notch food, so use it sparingly.

Ummm, "Tamar F."..... no dairy means.... no dairy. Milk is dairy. This means all forms of milk (and yes, cheese and butter).

Butter (dairy) doesn't have to come from an animal to be tasty and enjoyable. Plant-based butters are much healthier for you than animal-based butters. Also, soy-based butter doesn't come from tofu, but from the soybean itself. It's processed differently.

Thought I'd clarify.


Unfortunately, I am ALLERGIC to SOY so do any of you have any recommendations for alternatives without soy?

I'd like to use it on gluten free bread and pancakes. 

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