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Sample Time

Posted Mar 25 2010 10:28am

My coworkers and I had a nice product sampling last night with the products I got in my sampler package from NutsOnline yesterday!  So many good reviews for you!

We first started off with the dried mango.  If you’ve been reading the blog as of late, you know that I LOVE MANGO.  I would eat one every single day if they weren’t so expensive.  I am a bit particular about my mango though, as the Kent variety are my favorite.  They always seem so much sweeter than the others!


Anyhow, we tried the dried pieces and I was in heaven!  They are made of just mangoes, no sugar or sulfides added, so I was happy about that.  The sweetness was just right, but they were a bit tough to chew on.  I definitely got a workout for my teeth! 


Next off was the Dried Apricots.  I am not a fan of apricots, dried or fresh, so I had my coworkers and boss try these.  They really liked the flavor and said it wasn’t too sweet like some other varieties you might find at the grocery store, and had just the right degree of chewiness!


We moved onto something everyone (except me) thought would be a bit sweeter, but they were up for a surprise.  Never having had Raw Cacao Nibs before, they were taken back at the more bland and bitter taste of these.  I’ve had quite a few varieties of these nibs and thought they were the least bitter I’ve ever had, but still delicious!  One of my coworkers described the taste as being similar to Black Walnuts, which I found interesting.  I can definitely taste the chocolate in them, but only after about 20-30 seconds after chewing on them.


We moved onto some of the trail mixes and started with the Power Mix which included roasted Virginia peanuts (no salt), light raisins, dark raisins, dried strawberries, dried cherries, dried cranberries, and roasted soy beans (no salt).  This mix freak’n rocks!  I loved the huge raisins, especially the light ones!  And I’m a big fan of soy beans so that was exciting to find in the package with one of my other favorite nuts, peanuts!

1003250010   1003250011  

Next we tried the Antioxidant Mix , which I think just might be my favorite of the bunch!  Can you believe that before now I had never had a mulberry , gooseberry or goji berry !?  What rock have I been hiding out under!?  These are absolutely awesome!!! 

Everyone had different opinions on the different parts of the mix (which also included brazil nuts and raw cacao nibs).  We were trying each of the dried fruits separately to get the taste of them, and then mixing them with the nuts and nibs.  I really really liked the gooseberries; they were sweet and chewy and reminded me a fig, but had a super tart taste at the end!  My face was definitely pinched, but I loved it!  One of my coworkers loved the gooseberries just as much while the other didn’t like the tartness that I took a fondness to.  More for me!

We all enjoyed the goji berries and the mulberries though!  I loved the strong flavor of the goji berries and the chewiness was just right!  Everyone else thought the same and enjoyed the mulberries even more!  I was a bit cautious upon trying them since they kinda reminded me of black sage I’d seen in the canyons around my school, but obviously gave it a shot.  Holy Yum!  Super tasty and not so chewy and sticky enough to get caught in my teeth!

I want to buy all these berries in BULK!!!  Foodbuzz needs to pay me more so I can do so…LOL.


Lastly we tried the Simply Fruit Cocktail which is a mix of freeze dried apples, bananas, peaches, pears, strawberries, red grapes.  Such a great treat!  I love freeze dried fruit to put in things like oats but whenever I see them at WF they’re so expensive.  Anyhow, I tried every kind and talk about heaven!  I really enjoyed the bananas since I don’t like dried bananas/banana chips…and these were perfect!   I can’t wait to try them in different ways!  How would you use freeze dried fruit?


It was an early morning for me as I had to drop one of my workers off at the airport so after leaving at 6am and having a pretty crappy night of sleep, you know I went back to bed when I got home…and didn’t wake back up until 10am!

But I need to adjust my schedule a bit since I’m going to be doing a night survey tonight looking for gators at tree islands so I’ll be working from 5pm to 2am!  But I’m sure it’ll be fun!

Alright, I’m off to nap and get some stuff done!

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