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Salvie + Me

Posted Dec 06 2012 6:36pm
What do you do when your husband is putting in an eighteen hour day?  
ok, maybe not eighteen but too many. Perhaps you make a home cooked dinner for when he's done, do laundry so you both have pants to wear tomorrow, walk to the nearby store and buy him a six pack of his favorite beer, orrrr you take the dog for a night walk and get completely out of the way which is exactly what we did.......
"too much law talk going on in that apartment! woofieletsgo!"
we admired the alley art we contemplated making a hair appointment we found out even the light poles are decked out for the holidays we visited a few dog friendly shops we sat on a bench on the walnut street bridge and watched the sun go down and then we headed back, put our feet up, and had a thursday night brew. just for the record, i did cook forrest a pizza, offered him a beer, and put a load of laundry in the washer :)
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