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Saffron Road Food Review & Giveaway

Posted Jan 26 2013 6:00am
I love crunchy add-ons to my yogurt and granola messes or my ice cream sundaes. 

More textures = more fun!

Usually this extra crunch comes in the form of nuts. But for those with nut allergies, it's a real pity to miss out!
And even for those without nut allergies, it's fun to mix it up sometimes.
Boy oh boy am I happy about one of the latest snack trends - crunchy chickpea snacks!
I tried three varieties from Saffron Road Food - two spicy and one milder.
The Wasabi flavor is AMAZEBALLS.

They are literally little spicy balls of AMAZING.

They're a little salty, but not too salty. They're a little spicy, but not too spicy.

The seasoning is just right and they're crunchy AMAZING!!!

And healthy - 6g of protein per serving? Organic? Chickpeas as the first ingredient?

Yes, please!

Though they're great straight out of the bag, they're also amazing on yogurt messes (see Bombay Spice, below)

The crunch and flavor bring a good yogurt mess to epic levels of awesome! Chocolate chip cookies in there don't hurt, either ;)

Saffron Road also makes really tasty ready sauces to make super quick and easy Indian meals at home!

I tried all four simmer sauces and liked them all - the red sauces were all a bit spicy, but not too spicy (even for wimpy me). If you're super not into spice, however, go with the Lemongrass Basil - it has coconut and is creamy and tasty, but really not spicy (just spiced).


I really like how convenient these sauces are. It's way cheaper than ordering Indian takeout regularly and much healthier - their sauces are all free of MSG and they're all gluten-free, too! They're also all Halal certified. 

And I love how easy it makes making a delicious meal! You just heat up a little oil in a pan and add your veggies and tofu (or meat, if you prefer) with the sauce. Then it pretty much cooks itself while you go set the table or finish folding the laundry or whatever.

These next pictures are from when my mom used the Moroccan Tagine sauce (since I'm vegetarian).

She used beef, but the sauce smelled really good and I bet it would be really tasty with tofu, too!

Just add in your protein and veggies to the sauce and serve with some rice.

They all really enjoyed the spicy-sweet meal.

And my mom loved the convenience.

Lemongrass Basil with peppers, tomato, celery, and chicken
I think it's a great way to impress friends with your ability to cook world cuisine ;)
You guys can try some of Saffron Road's goodies, too! One lucky LLE reader (you have to be a US resident) will win 5 free product coupons from Saffron Road! 
Enter through Rafflecopter below (through February 9) for your chance to win!
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