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Review: Road’s End Vegan Macaroni and Chreese

Posted Jul 24 2009 10:47pm

Usually I don’t write product reviews.  Usually I don’t like vegan cheese substitutes and the dishes that use them (the ones I’ve tried so far, at least).  However, I enjoyed one vegan product so much I couldn’t resist.

Many vegan products have failed to satisfy my discerning taste buds.  However, Road’s End Vegan Mac & Chreese definitely made the cut.

I admit, despite my love for cooking to sometimes look for a quick natural food fix.  Sometimes this means making Macaroni and Cheese, sometimes even without milk (or butter) if they’re not on hand and I don’t have time to pick them up.

My Road’s End story is a tale of two experiences.  With two boxes from my local Whole Foods Market in hand, I first ate one by simply cooking the noodles and then adding the “chreese” powder.  I wasn’t very impressed, in fact I found it mildly unpleasant.

The next time I decided on a whim to actually try to be a bit better cook and add soymilk with the chreese powder.  Oh what a world of difference it made!  The resulting Mac and Chreese was delicious.  The resulting dairy-free dish does manage to capture a bit of cheese taste, with a bit curry-ish spicier character than normal Mac and Cheese, and a hint of flour.  It was quick, tasty, and filling.

With that in mind, I thoroughly recommend Mac and Chreese, with the suggestion of using unflavored soymilk to achieve that perfect flavor and consistency.

You can find large packs of vegan mac and cheese at reasonable rates on

Or try your local Whole Foods.

Have you tried this variety? If so, share below your story.

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