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Posted Nov 16 2009 10:01pm

I had a diabetes scare a while back and have had to avoid sugar and fast carbs. It’s been difficult. I did well in the beginning but as my depression got deeper my food choices have been poorer and poorer. It got to the point where the only dinner I could even think of eating was a plate of fries with ketchup. How exciting.

A good friend of mine went raw a little while back and she finds it has helped her immensely.  Her skin problems are better and she has more energy. She’s been pushing for me to follow her example, saying it’ll be good for me and how it’s easy to avoid the bad carbs when eating raw. So I decided that I’ll try to eat more raw and try to incorporate more raw meals into my diet. I do love my cooked food but the things she’s prepared for me have been delicious too.


So this is the first raw breakfast I had. A thick smoothie made from homepressed apple and clementine juice, lots of mango and raspberries. Topped with chopped up nuts and fresh raspberries.

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