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rapid increase in #2 diabetics?

Posted by Timothy G. Facebook

I have contracted type 2 diabetes.  I have graduated from pills to shots this year, but I have heard some information about commercial animal production practices that has peaked my interest, and with the huge increase in diabetics in the US I wonder if there might not be a connection.  They use chemicals in commercial animal husbandry that causes animals to increase body weight, and I am told this is done by increasing the animals blood sugar.  If these animals are slaughtered just after they have eaten these chemicals, or even for a month before, is this chemical being ingested in my steak dinner, beef hot dogs, and milk?  Interesting ...

I am going to begin a switch over to a completely vegetarian diet (no milk, no cheese, no ice cream etc) during the next month and will continue to do so for the next 6 months, and I will closely watch my sugar levels.  If anyone is interested, and because I flutter around the internet like a bee in a clover field, my email address is Email me for progress and I will respond!

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Congratulations on switching to a vegetarian diet! When done right there is one thing for certain, you will be healthier and you will loose weight! It is an interesting point that you bring up. I stopped using milk with rbGH quite awhile ago for my boys and we use organic whenever possible.  I'm vegan and it has been an amazing turn around in my life. I'm not diabetic- I did it for other health concerns.  I do know as a health professional the major connection to the rise in diabetes is obesity. America's diet has drastically changed over the past couple of decades.  We went from primarily eating at home- foods that were prepared at home and drinking milk, tea, coffee or water to- convience foods, fast food  drive through and soda, Starbucks etc.  Children used to MOVE- after school they went outside and play. Now they sit in front of a screen. I see middle school students walking to school with a Vente Cappuccino.  America's love affair AKA addiction to fast food and sugar is the culprit. It is the elevated BMI which causes the insulin resistance and eventually the diabetes. Can the hormones attribute to the diabetes? I am sure they can and they do!  But the lion's share goes to the massive amount of junk that is fed to Americans & the lack of physical activity.  Just my 2 cents.  The best of luck to you as you venture on your quest!
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