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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Posted Dec 20 2010 11:46pm

Man, we’ve been getting so much rain I could cry.  Wait, that would just be more moisture. No thank you!  But I heard today we got 2.75 inches in the mountains!  And you can see the snow up on the peaks behind my apartment!  Thank goodness it didn’t make it all the way down to our elevation!  Though the flood warning is something to keep in mind…hrm…

pics 001

I woke up far too early knowing full well I didn’t have to go to work, and probably won’t all week because of the rain and flooding, so I fiddled around until I finally had breakfast. I mixed together TJ’s Fiber O’s with Kashi H2H and some Go Lean Crunch, topped with a banana and some USVAB.  It didn’t satisfy me at all.  So I had a piece of homemade banana bread, minus the PB (it’s a recycled picture, sorry).

pics 032

I didn’t do much but catch up on my google reader all morning and contemplate going to the post office to send off Christmas packages, but the rain deterred me…and how tired I was.  Instead to perk me up, I had a piece of this:

pics 025

Peanut Butter Rice Krispies as a mid morning snack, thank you please!  I think I was just thirsty though, so I wasn’t too proud of that choice.

Alas, I did finally get hungry early afternoon and finished off my leftover sandwich. I actually ate it open faced on the smaller pieces because the big one were really soggy and oily from the veggies. Paired it up with an apple and a handful of local pistachios for some protein!


pics 007

I could feel myself getting the munchies a bit afterwards but knew I wasn’t hungry and just tired, so I crawled back into bed for a whopping 1.5 hr nap!  Man did I feel good afterwards!  Anyhow, I woke up and immediately headed out to the gym…I needed something to wake me up, warm me up and get my blood goin!  It’s always so cold in my apartment (ok, my fault, since I keep it below 60* during the day).  I took my new National Geographic with me and read about the population boom that’s coming and how bad it’s gonna get…while walking on the treadmill for 4 miles at 1.5% incline

I was hoping the walk was going to help my very tight leg muscles (I believe a combo of the P90X legs with weights from last Friday and the 10.5 miler I did yesterday) but I actually feel much worse (well, it’s more like the good pain you get when you work out, but to the max…). Like I can kinda barely walk…never a good sign.  I’ll definitely take it easy tomorrow…ideas?  I’ve definitely iced my knee and foam rolled, but it’s pretty bad…oh well.

After I got back I procrastinated doing arms and abs and finally got around to it, then after I showered and warmed up (yes, can you believe I had to warm up after doing ST?  It might be a bit cold in here…haha) and wasn’t too hungry for dinner so just settled for something simple.

But first, how awesome is this plate!?

pics 010

I wish I could find it for all my blogger friends!!!  If you have a Marshall’s they might have it if you really want one; it’s where I got mine!

pics 013

Alas, I settled on a veggie hummus sandwich with some carrots and more hummus, and just for something sweet, a pear right off the cutting board.  I had no room on the plate, alright?!

pics 014

Now I’m debating trying to hit the field tomorrow when we get a break in the rain, but might just end up going into town to see Whit and finish up Christmas shopping…and devising a way to keep my cat off my dinner table.

pics 003 pics 006

Sneaky cat…

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