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Quick asparagus tip

Posted by Kristen D.

Asparagus is a great, crunchy, low-calorie snack when you're in the mood for some veggies. To keep them lasting longer, consider freezing bunches of them. First, place them in a pan of water and bring it to a boil. As soon as you reach that point, dip them in a bowl of ice water. Then wrap and place them in the refrigerator.
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I absolutely love asparagus and my family absolutely hates it. Now I can have it whenever I want. Thanks for the great tip!!!
Sounds like a great way definitely to keep them lasting longer.. although.. would you happen to know if boiling them affects the nutritional value in any way?
Thanks for letting us know about asparagus. I use this technique for carrots as well. What I do is, boil water in a pan and then turn off the stove. Add some salt. Then put the diced veggies in this water for 3 to minutes. Remove them and spread them out on paper towels till they dry out. Store in airtight bags in the freezer. They make my cooking time a lot less and I have my veggies ready whenever I need them.
Asparagus are a great natural diruretic. I eat them in huge quantities when I'm retaining water. Also, they have a good supply of Vitamin A, thus good for skin. They have fiber and fill you up -- so even the late modeling agent Eileen Ford recommended filling up on two cans of them for lunch. The only drawback is, they're kind of expensive here in Baltimore.
I doubt blanching asparagus loses any of the nutritional value. What a great veggie to munch on.
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