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Promoting Women’s Health Through Fitness

Posted Oct 15 2013 2:28pm

Breast Cancer isn’t fun, but Zumba  is! This week, I attended Her Campus UNH’s “ Steps to Awareness ” breast cancer event. The event was put on to raise money for breast cancer and encourage college women to educate themselves about the proper practices of breast cancer prevention.

Attendees of Her Campus UNH’s Stepping for a Cure

Kathy Kerrigan is a certified Zumba instructor and a breast cancer survivor. Kerrigan volunteered her time as an instructor and advocate for the event. The amazing thing about Kathy and, it seems like many other breast cancer survivors was her gusto for life. Kathy discovered a lump in her breast when she was completing a self-breast exam 6 years ago. I can only imagine how physically and emotionally damaging that diagnosis must have been. Instead of taking the disease as a lifelong sentence for illness, Kathy accepted it as a personal challenge. Today, she is cancer free and a picture of health, wellness, and total kickassness! She kept us all laughing and had more energy than most of the college-aged girls at the event!

Kathy Kerrigan instructs UNH students at Her Campus UNH’s Steps to Awareness event

UNH students squat in a dance circle during Zumba class

(Pictured from left to right Riley Mahan, Nora White, Kathy Kerrigan, Leah Tully (Me), Katherine Hird, Eryn Daly

Following the Zumba class, students were instructed by Judy Stevens, a Community Health Nurse from the Office of Health Education and Promotion at the University of New Hampshire about how to conduct a self breast exam. I think the most interesting thing about conducting this exam was looking around to my friends and peers and realizing how clueless we all were. Every year, I’m asked by my physician if I know how to conduct a self exam, and every year I tell him yes. In reality, I was quite clueless!

Students learning how to properly conduct self breast exams

Handout from the UNH Office of Health Education and Promotion

For further information on breast cancer and prevention , follow the link.

What forms of preventative measures do you take to keep your health in check? Do you perform regular self breast or testicular screening exams?




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