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Poplar Head Farmers Market

Posted Jul 02 2011 2:36pm
      Salvador has been a little sicky-icky for the past few days (again) so I've been missing in action from the ole blog.  I've never met a dog who loves to eat everything and anything from the ground - he's a bottom feeder.  Apparently, he feasted on something bad like another animal's poop (too much information?!?!) which made him feel a little blaaahhh.  Thankfully, Momma J was able to take him to the vet Friday while we were working and he has tummy bugs.  Salvie had to get a shot and he's on medicine but doing better as of today.
"I no feel good. Woofie woof woof"
 Last night Forrest asked me if we could still return him, haha - negative.     Because the Pom was under the weather, we decided to stay home last night.  Nothing too exciting happened - watched the Food Network, played cards, ate Red Elephant pizza (for Forrest) and veggie wrap (for me), and saw a gorgeous sunset from our back porch....
     We woke up to the chirping alarm at 5:00 am this morning and I decided to mow the yard before it was 102 degrees.  Mission accomplished.  After taking a much needed shower, Forrest and I headed downtown to the Poplar Head Farmers Market (sidenote: "like" them on facebook and check out all the photos I've taken).  We met up with my friend (and market coordinator) Julie and gathered up veggies from the local vendors for my Veggie Table sampling.  All the vendors were super nice and happily donated any vegetable I needed to make my dishes for next Saturday - mark your calendar, peoples!  I'll be passing out samples along with recipe cards so if you like what you taste then you can buy all the veggies right there at the farmers market - sooo stop by, grab a bite, say hello, and get your local shop on!
We could definitely tell it was the 4th of July weekend at the market - red, white, and blue all over!  The Bread Lady was there again with all sorts of baked yummies - and she's a  Veggie Table Facebook Fan now! :) How awesome are these colorful flowers?!! Gaucho Farms:  salsa, dips, sauces - right up my alley!  Southern Roots Farm was selling beets....  and making them too!  Forrest was intrigued with this vendor's musical talents and stood there listening while I finished shopping.  I found it!!!!  Mildred's homemade hummus!  I spent my last three bucks on a container of roasted red pepper hummus and then this happened as soon as I got home...  I'm addicted  - half of this container was gone in five minutes.  So good!     Since we arrived home, it's been raining - good for my plants, bad for our lunch cookout. Treadmill time has been bumped up, grilling has been post-poned, and a 4th of July beer will be poured soon - Happy Holiday Weekend!
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