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Planes, Taters, and Biscuits

Posted Jan 24 2011 8:45pm
     I thought I knew the meaning of "tired" but I didn't until today....somehow I found enough energy to sit down at another computer to write this post...thanks sugar free Red Bull.  I started my new position at work and was in my cubby hole at 5:30 am...did I mention it's a 45 minute commute from my house? Yeahhhh, the alarm slapped me in the face around 3:45 am this morning.  I worked a very long ten hour day and I'm beat down; however, I'm keeping my eyes on the prize....every Friday off.  And for the most exciting/nerve racking part of the day...I had to drive a company truck - a huge Ford truck (it felt like I was behind the wheel of a school bus...ok, maybe I'm exaggerating but you get the point). I could barely see over the dashboard or reach the gas pedal...ummm or the brakes which was probably more important.  I was bee boppin' around like a professional trucker until it was time to the heck was I going to park this mother load of a vehicle?!  Answer: handicap parking spot.
     On to the fun stuff....Forrest and I had to drive two cars to Albertville this weekend because of his work schedule so I hit the road Friday afternoon to see my parental units.  I made it to Montgomery and took a spin through Starbucks (I usually try to seek out unique coffee joints but I didn't have much time) and ordered a tall skinny vanilla latte....
     I met up with Forrest on the interstate and we cruised until we were both starving.  I'm not a fast food person....I can't even remember the last time I ate at one of those fine establishments.  We stopped at Ruby Tuesdays and I wallered my face in the salad bar and Forrest inhaled the Ruby Minis and a draft beer. Yum!  P.S. Gump just acted like he accidentally deleted all my other pictures....I was NOT happy but decided to suck it up and try to draw our Friday night meal......
Not bad, eh?!?!      The real deal.     We finally made it to A'vegas and chatted with my parents for awhile before going to Sleepytown.  Saturday morning rolled around....I was in a deep snooze but Forrest and my Dad headed to the Albertville Airport for a flight lesson.  Gump was a little skeptical/nervous about sitting in the pilot seat of a four-seater plane but he ended up really enjoying it.  The flight instructor gave him a quick tour of the tiny plane and within ten minutes they were taking off.  They flew around town and decided it would be a good idea to "buzz" our house.  From what I understand (and heard), "buzzing" a house means to fly directly at it and then at the last minute, move the throttle so the plane's pipes are right above the roof (which makes a really loud noise).  I was enjoying a relaxing Saturday morning with my cup o' joe, bed head, in my pjs,  and curled up on the couch until I thought a bomb blew up in our attic.  Moms figured out it was Forrest and we ran outside to the patio....we started waving and jumping around like two looney tunes.  They didn't see us...which was probably a good thing.
        By the time Maverick and his side kick arrived back was time for potato soup and cornbread.  Considering the temperature was 20-something in North was the perfect lunch to warm us up.  Back to cornbread for a minute...I grew up with thick, baked cornbread but from my experiences in Dothan...their version is a skinny, fried, hollow something...seriously, where is the bread?!??! Mom's delicious but no fuss tater soup.....

 Easy Potato Soup
1 bag (32 oz) frozen hash browns (cubed or shredded)
1 cup chopped scallions (green part only)
2 cans cream of broccoli
3 cups water
1 can vegetarian broth
2 cups milk
Mix together all ingredients except milk and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes.  Add milk and continue to simmer for another 15 minutes....enjoy with a real piece of cornbread.
     After a long afternoon of shopping and visiting Cuzin Vicki and Great-Aunt Tater Head with my mom (Forrest was working and Dad was snoring/pretending to be watching television), we all decided to go eat at a local Mexican restaurant, Garcia's, for dinner.  Forrest and I ordered a brewski, Moms did it up right with a margarita, and Dad was responsible with a sweet tea.  We enjoyed lots of laughs, too many chips, and a delicious meal.  Moms and I split the vegetarian fajitas (didn't even manage to put a dent in it), J Wayne did some damage to his own chicken fajita platter, and Forrest licked his plate clean of steak tacos.
       We all slept in on Sunday morning except Dad....he was hard at work in the kitchen.  The aroma of biscuits/coffee woke me up and the smell of bacon prompted Forrest to jump out of bed like he was ten-years-old again on Christmas morning.  Biscuits, eggs, coffee, bacon, and pomegranate seeds fueled us for the long drive home.  (Thanks J Wayne!!!)
       We packed our bags, said our good byes, and headed south.  I don't really pay attention to Dothan's pancake flatness until I make a trip home....
Friends don't let friends snap and drive.     We had to stop in Birmingham (Forrest stayed there Sunday night for a hearing on Monday morning) and I was determined to swing by Williams Sonoma before heading back to Dothan.  I love that store and wanted to buy one of everything.  Luckily, I had Gump there to set me straight and we walked out of the store with a few much needed (not really) items......
      Olive oil, jerk (fake) chicken rub, jalapeño cornbread mix, Spanish bread drizzle, pizza spices, and an avocado peeler.      Before we left Albertville, Mom gave me a bowl of her delicious bean salad and told me to eat it for dinner when I got home.  Welllllll, that didn't happen....I snacked on it all the way from B'ham to Dothan and walked through the front door with an empty bowl, no dinner, and a bare fridge.  Who knew such a simple medley of beans could be so dankified?!  I've already got the ingredients on my grocery list for this week....especially since I know Forrest would love this salad and I sort of didn't leave him any.....oopsie.
Zesty Three Bean Salad
 2 cans rinsed/drained black beans
1 can rinsed/drained light red kidney bean
1 can rinsed/drained garbanzo (chick peas)
1/2 cup thinly sliced red onion
1/2 cup fresh cilantro
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tsp lime peel
1/4 cup lime juice
     Ding dong!  That's the sound of the UPS man dropping off new beers at the front door....
          Mystery box.     Tune in tomorrow night and find out what's in this box o' beer.  Don't you just hate when your favorite television show leaves you hanging like that? ! Yeah, me too.....but I'm pulling that trick out tonight because I'm tired...or as my grandfather would say "tard."
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