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Pizza Salad

Posted Feb 03 2011 10:58pm

I swear I’m a genius.  Ok, probably not, but I like to think I had a moment when it came to my lunch…breakfast first.

pics 002

I soaked my mixed oats combo in the fridge overnight with cinnamon and vanilla, then cooked it up and added a banana, peanut butter and fresh blueberries!  I loved the pop of the berries as I ate it…tasty ways!

pics 003

Then it was out to the desert to slave away…ok I lied.  And I won’t complain about the chilliness because I saw the video by one of my lovelies and it made me cringe.

pics 006

Quite beautiful and great for the long day ahead.  I was still sore from the ST session on Tuesday and was afraid it was either never going to go away or I had seriously injured myself.  I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something insanely horrible so I took the slow birding conditions to stretch every leg muscle I could.  It totally helped.  I will never not stretch again!

pics 007

Guess I didn’t add enough pb to my oats (bc omg I didn’t measure them!) because I was hungry sooner rather than later.  I started off with a Clif Crunch Bar which didn’t do me any good because A) not enough protein and B) I really just wanted chocolate…

pics 010

So I dug into the banana chocolate chunk muffin and was finally satisfied for a while

pics 008

Many survey points later and exciting birds, I was ready for lunch.  My PIZZA SALAD lunch.  I’m kinda running out of stuff to be creative with so…remember how I put marinara in my hummus veggie with cheese sandwich?  Why not MIX that HUMMUS with that MARINARA for dressing and spill it all over a spinach/tomato/carrot/mozzarella cheese salad!  What what!?

pics 011

Omg this was so good…I could taste all the flavors even mixing the hummus and marinara and wiping up the leftover sauce/cheese with the piece of sourdough veggie bread was the best way to go.  Love.  I’m doing this again.  ASAP.

After all the stretching to ensure my leg was alright I decided to try out a run.  I have become aware that going downhill hurts the most so I made sure to take a path that was as flat as possible. I ran a 5.27 mile block in 50 minutes and though I was sore for the first two miles getting into it, the rest was great!  Man oh man I love to run!

Unfortunately my tummy didn’t like the jostling and proved it point when I had to sprint home.  I’ll leave that at that.

But by the time I felt hungry I set on a simple dinner: fruit, eggs and wrap.

pics 015 pics 018

And some crackers. Crunch a’ crunch.

Time to catch up on some of my favorite shows!!!  Love me some Parenthood, White Collar and Cougar Town.  And who knows what else…Oh, things like this that make me cry, in a good way of course …Kudos to that kid.  Strength like that will go a long way for him.

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