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Pictures & Progress (not Progress Pictures)

Posted Apr 23 2011 8:51am

No, not actual “progress pictures,” though I may finally do another set of those soon.  I have been putting off pictures, waiting for my diet to really kick in, and now that it appears that it has, it’s just about time to revisit the brown bikini.  Poor David.  He’s going to have to take them for me again, and last time, I made him get out of bed at 8 AM on a Sunday morning to do them because the “light was good.” You have to take advantage of the sunshine in Buffalo whenever you get it.

In terms of diet progress, I am now down about 3.5 pounds from where I started.  I don’t know how much of that will be visible in progress pictures, but I am starting to see a difference in my arms.  Arms are the last place I gain and the first place I lose, apparently, so hopefully my lower body isn’t too far behind.

While I don’t have new progress pictures yet, I do have a couple of back shots, taken yesterday on the fixed lat pulldown.

These were prompted by a comment by my trainer during one of my first sets — I believe the exact words were “your traps are f****** enormous” — and my subsequent comment that I hadn’t seen them in a while.

Back is a strong point for me, so I often wish that I could turn my head far enough around during rows and pulldowns to truly see what’s going on back there.  I often wish the same thing about my glutes, by the way; it’d be nice to see what they’re doing during squats.  I don’t even care that it might look weird that I am staring at my own ass.

And in other progress, I had one small little victory in the gym yesterday — standing shoulder presses with the oly bar.  That might sound ridiculous, especially since the last time I did barbell shoulder presses, I was in the middle of a strength gaining program and was going heavier than I did yesterday (though that was seated shoulder presses and for fewer reps).

Anyway, I have always done barbell presses with regular barbells because, at my size, the oly bar is cumbersome and sometimes tougher to balance.  Yesterday, after a warm up set with a regular barbell, we switched to the oly bar, and I was surprised at how much easier it was than I had expected.

Again, it’s a little victory — but I’ll take what I can get.

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