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ound the name are the knowledge

Posted Mar 25 2013 1:27am
ound the name are the knowledge and Ashikaga Yoshiaki is edgy, but around a strong name, but only some empty promises, it does not seem a big deal! strong ... ?Drink some tea. has mobilized the army, so the the nfl decision to pre-emptive strike! Asai Highness? ... Asai Nagamasa, or for a long time political Highness clear that you? Or promised to send troops to help? . very good cooperation, also makes no sense opposed to ah, if not to send troops from various angles in terms of the Asakura family just Pola Hu, Asai Nagamasa clever of His Royal Highness will not tell who light who weighs? say ... A City the princess have to consider the feelings between the couple, but very affectionate! Not afraid of the event, Asai and Asakura, but allies for decades! Asai, Asakura name and for his household, there is a significant difference! , Asai and Asakura two forged a deep friendship is hard to say, in which case their judgment would be very sensible! acting! naturally understand this truth, he probably just want
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