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Oh Spring, where art thou?

Posted Dec 03 2008 12:16am
I've been a little lazy about blogging lately because, frankly, the weather has been depressing! I find that the end of winter is the hardest part. The beginning is exciting- changing weather, holidays, winter produce... but now I'm ready for warmer weather. And here in Syracuse, spring might not get hear for another month. Or two. I mean, it's March, and it is gray outside. I'm not used to that yet!

A good way to remember the summer is to taste it- literally. Starting wayback in September, I used our basil to make and freeze pesto for future use. (Thanks for the idea,Crystal!) So the other night, we had some

Trader Joe's Trottole pasta with home-made pesto genoese.

On the side, we had some roasted veggies (eggplant, canned tomatoes, onions, with dried thyme, basil, and oregano, finished off with some balsamic vinegar). The shape of the pasta, along with its thick texture, picked up the pesto perfectly. This is one of the best pastas at Trader Joe's, and they have a lot to love! Artisan-style pasta is just unbeatable.

Here's Marble. We brought some groceries home in a box and left that box in the kitchen. Well, it's become Marble's favorite playground now! She has learned that if she jumps in and acts really cute, she just might get a treat or two. So now we have a constant companion in the kitchen while we're cooking.

Ah yes, snow. Here's Daiku heading out of the house. Notice that the snow comes up to his knees.

This is what I want. This photo is from our garden, taken some time last summer. Come back, sun! At least tonight brings this year's extra early time-change, so tomorrow will bring an extra-late sunset. (Americans, don't forget to re-set your clocks to "spring forward" before going to bed tonight.) Yay!
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