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no knead bread

Posted Jan 26 2009 5:16pm

I swear I will never bake any other bread than this again. Don’t hold me to it though, because I’m actually already eyeballing a recipe for a no knead, whole grain, fruit and nut bread that I really want to make. It will require a trip to the store though, so not now.

Anyway, I know this bread has been making the rounds. Everyone has blogged it and those who haven’t wish they had. I didn’t actually get around to making it until yesterday even though I’ve wanted to for ages. I’m not the kind of person who usually plans her baking ahead of time, unless it’s for some grand event, so I’m going to say that’s why I hadn’t made it until just now. It takes many, many hours of rising.  I recently found the quicker version of this bread though and that helped me spring into action. It’s so good! The crust is amazing! The taste is awesome! It takes barely any active time! I could go on forever… still, it will take a good 6-8 hours of rising, and then another hour of proofing, and almost another one of baking… not to mention the time it takes for it to cool enough to eat. It’s almost torture.

No knead

The recipe for the quicker version is here. The only thing I did differently is that I used flour instead of oil to keep the dough from sticking to much. I floured my work surface well and let the dough proof for an hour with more flour sprinkled on top instead of the suggested method of misting it with oil.

p.s. This is the second loaf of this bread I have made in two days. It’s that good.

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