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No Impact Greensboro

Posted Mar 11 2013 12:30pm
I find it ironic that a little over a month ago I watched, and reviewed  here , the movie No Impact Man by Colin Beavan.

And then what ho?  My fair city, Greensboro, decides to participate in a No Impact Week .

I am incredibly psyched!

Starting this past Friday there are daily activities you can participate in.

On Friday my whole family went to one of our local colleges, Guilford College (who has tons of green initiatives going on there), for an art exhibit by Bonnie Monteleone titled "What Goes Around Comes Around."

This is a giant wave made out of plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean.

What struck me about this exhibit was just what sort of things end up BACK in the ocean.  Things like empty bottles from motor oil and household cleaners, parts of surfboards, and tons upon tons of bottle tops.
Bonnie also had up some photographs that give a graphic example of what all of this plastic can end up doing to our animal life.

 (this is a bird's carcass filled with plastics which were fed to it by its unknowing mother)
I don't show these things to make you depressed, or guilty, merely just to make you aware.
Hopefully the movement will take hold and people will start to think before they buy and put a little more thought into what they do with their plastics.
To support those who chose to participate this week the City put out an action plan so that each day you can focus reducing your footprint in a specific area.
The week is laid out like this
Sunday: Reduce/Reuse/Repurpose/Refuse
Monday: Energy
Tuesday: Transportation
Wednesday: Food
Thursday: Water
Friday: Green Home/Green Work
Saturday: Give Back
Sunday: Eco-Sabbath

So on Sunday we made use of tofu containers, drink cups from Panera, and large yogurt containers to plant some seedlings.

Today I plan to eat by candlelight, or natural light if there is enough of it, and have a family game night instead of TV watching (hopefully my children won't revolt).

What sort of things might you do today to reduce your energy consumption?  Do you have any good ideas for repurposing items?

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