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New Year’s Resolution No 1: Stop Smoking

Posted Dec 31 2012 7:05am
OK this was a hard resolution for me to start with as I have never been a hardened smoker. Yes, of course I tried it a lot at university and even became a day time smoker but I easily gave up when I left the UK to go to Australia for a year after graduating. I just didn’t want to be a smoker anymore and I thought a change of country was the pefect time. Now, I’m not advocating leave the country but there are a few things you can do to make the leap.

1. Read the Easy Way to Give Up Smoking by Allen Carr

In doing my research for this article, I asked a few friends how they gave up and there were only 3 real commonalities and this book was one of them. Upon reading this book, my friend Julie just did not want to be a smoker anymore. She followed the process to the letter and after 3 weeks of kicking the habit no longer craved a cigarette. She is now 10 years smoke free. She says, the key to this is that you read the book all in one go, follow the process to the letter and be patient and watch the results! You can get this book here at Amazon .

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

2. Personal Development and Process of Introspection

There is something that happened to two of my friends. After going through a period of self analysis and personal development, my friends could no longer deny that they were worthy and deserved to have long, healthy lives and look after themselves. This is how they put it to me. So, why not find out why you smoke, what it means to you and what a long and healthy life means to you. Check out this article here and follow the steps.

3. Put your money where your mouth is

Another friend of mine decided that to really show commitment to stopping smoking he would put his money where he mouth is. He paid for a Stop Smoking Course costing £200. The process of doing this made it a greater commitment for him, something he would find cheating or going back on and the process of attending this course gave him added support and accountability.

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