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mung bean porridge | 녹두죽

Posted Jan 01 2013 12:00am

mung bean porridge 

a cup of split mung beans (whole are okay too but cooking time will be longer)
half an onion, minced
two cloves of garlic, minced
two teaspoons of salt

들기름 (perilla oil) or good quality olive oil
toasted sesame seeds
chopped chives or scallions

a pot of prepared brown rice

wash the mung beans well and pick over to make sure any small stones are removed. cover with water and boil about fifteen minutes, skimming foam off the top if necessary.

drain the water and give beans a rinse. cover again with fresh water, adding salt and boiling again with lid slightly askew until beans are soft and most of the water is absorbed, about another twenty minutes.
you want a soupy porridge so add water as necessary to avoid beans from drying out.

serve mung in a bowl with an equal portion of cooked rice and drizzle generously with perilla oil and a healthy sprinkle of sesame seeds. add some chopped scallions or chives to the bowl and a bit of purple cabbage salad for color.

purple cabbage salad

a cup of very thinly sliced purple cabbage
half an onion
a pinch of salt
a squeeze of lemon

in a large bowl, mix all of the ingredients well, using your hands to massage the cabbage until soft. as it begins to wilt, it will take on a beautiful shade of pink. set aside, allowing cabbage to marinate in it's own juices. serve with mung bean porridge or as a colorful side to any dish. 
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