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Mummy Shape School backed by Health Professionals and Mothers

Posted Feb 15 2013 1:26pm
The products used in the Mummy Shape School product range are the essential part to creating the best health and weight loss product possible to help mums feel great.

The Juiceplus+ product range which supports the Mummy Shape School programme are second to none in terms of scientific studies, as the most research nutritional products on the market.

The product has been tested and reviewed countless times by major research institutions to ensure a superior product and one that is beneficial to all mums and also to ensure that if you are breastfeeding mums can follow a breastfeeding safe diet.

“Juiceplus+ Complete is balanced nutrition and if you are watching your weight, it’s only 220 calories per serving. It can be blended with milk, rice milk or soy milk and add any fruit you like for a healthy meal on the go.”

Dr Doug Odom MD , Obstetrics and Gynecology

“At first I recommended Juice Plus+ simply because I believed that better nutrition would lead to improved medical outcomes. Now I recommend Juice Plus+ because I know that it’s true.”

The Mummy Shape School Shake Programme is the perfect solution, packed with essential nutrients mums need for good health and plenty of energy, as well as helping support healthy weight loss.

Jan Roberto , M.D. Family Medicine

“Everyone can benefit from the daily ‘safety net’ of consistent nutrition provided by Juice Plus+.” .

Never a fan meal replacements, however the Juiceplus Complete Shake and Shape range caught my attention. Unlike the majority of traditional meal replacements, The Juiceplus+ Complete smoothie has a high level of energy boosting carbohydrates without the extra ‘added sugar’.

Dr Michele Panunzio , Surgeon specialised in Nutrition with First Certificate Course on Eating Disorders & Obesity

“Among the recommendations to maintain good health, from national & international health institutions, we should: 1. Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day (approximately 400-600g), and 2. Maintain a healthy weight and keep a balanced intake of calories per day. Juice PLUS+® helps meet the need for good nutrition with a product that is backed by strong scientific research. Having a product like Juice PLUS+® that can help ensure we get good intakes of important micronutrients and phytonutrients and which is based on fruits and vegetable blends and added naturally sourced vitamins.I believe is necessary for all of us.”

To assist busy mums reach and maintain a healthy weight, The Juiceplus+ Range of products, including Juiceplus+ Shape and Juiceplus+ Complete, is an excellent portion-controlled meal replacement and is a perfect weight loss solution when it is used in partnership with a well-balanced eating plan and regular physical activity.

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