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Posted Feb 01 2013 12:00am
over the last year, my husband (mayo) has been working on his graduate thesis on communication in romantic relationships. it's been a wonderful journey to watch him grow and i am one lucky girl to be the recipient of all this time and energy he has put into researching - of all subjects - love.
so on valentine's day, this day to celebrate the heart and the one we love most dearly, i could think of nobody better to share his thoughts on the subject. keep an eye out for mayo's upcoming workshop at the new SPACE ! until then... wishing you love today and everyday.

we have a day to celebrate our independence, a day to celebrate our birthdays, a day to celebrate our mothers and fathers, and even a day to celebrate another country’s celebration (cinco de mayo and saint patricks day). today, february 14th, is the biggest and most celebrated time of the year for love. today we celebrate valentine’s day.

is love as clear or as obscure as a sound, a color, an image, a memory or an idea?  perhaps it's all that and none of that at the same time. love evades our consciousness  as it constantly reinvents itself. it's as solid as a rock and as fluid as water. the truth is that love is neither this nor that; love never appears or disappears, it's simply our obstructions and limitations that don't allow us to change as love itself changes with every second. love regenerates itself, and so should we.

is love absolute?

sometimes, based on our behaviors and beliefs, it seems that we would answer yes. we invest in LOVE once and expect it to be there forever. we seem to remember and honor our investment just this one day of the year. what limits our ability to live in love and love in life on a daily basis and not just on a yearly basis?

many people will try to convince others that it is impossible to be in love everyday. they will say they are just being “realistic.” a person who believes they are being "realistic" about the world most probably will never feel the necessity to change their perceptions; after all, they’re just being real. so, how do we change this perspective and invite love into everything we do and everything we are?

become a participant in the phenomenon of love and not an observer. live, act, talk, feel, and love with conviction. trust your eyes, trust your ears, trust your senses, and follow your heart. love, just like life, needs full participation. not just once a year. take this chance to invest in life and allow love to become part of your existence.
- mayo

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