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Losing your baby weight will not take more time, more money or more energy

Posted Apr 02 2013 5:49pm
You are busy. You are tired and somedays a shower is a luxury. I get it. I know. I have been there too. You need hassle free, you need easy and you need results fast. Well, let me tell you how to do just that.

1. Nutrient dense foods can save you money. 

This a common myth that healthy eating costs more money. Although individually when you look at things like nuts or organic fruit etc, you think these are more expensive. In truth, you actually need to eat less nutritious foods than unhealthy food.

We are programmed to eat big portions, buckets of bad carbs and then compare this to the healthy food and think it is more expensive.

Choosing foods high in protein, like grains, beans, nuts and seeds, will also help everyone feel full longer.

And of course, Mummy Shape School Shakes works out at only 0.83p per meal and that is a fully balanced, nutrient dense meal.

2. Eating healthy saves you time.

Quality food you buy in the supermarket can be put cooked in bulk then frozen, or taken to work the next day for healthy lunches. You can create protein rich snacks to take with you when you are out or traveling.

No need to drive out of your way or take time to stop at a fast food restaurant.  When you have good snacks and food available when they are hungry, they will eat it.

Simple snacks are easy. There are thousands of simple, healthy, delicious and inexpensive snacks that take just a few minutes to put together or that can be made ahead of time.  Raw almonds, string cheese, baby carrots, apples, bananas, etc.  Get more ideas here. Traffic Light Eating. And remember, there is nothing quicker that making a Mummy Shape School Shake, as a healthy breakfast and/or lunch on the go.

3. Nutrient dense food gives you more energy

All of our mummies at Mummy Shape School say that have more energy, sleep better and have lost those dark circles under their eyes.


Simple. Nutrient dense food gives you energy. Even when you reduce the amount of calories you consume, if the quality of those calories are high in terms of nutrients from fruit and vegetables, you will be more energetic and just feel better.

And when you have more energy, everything becomes easier. From looking after your little one to cooking the dinner to dealing with work or any other issues.

Mums who have energy and vitality are always the envy of other mums.


Because they believe they can cope with anything. I don’t know about you but I feel more patient, more resourceful and just more able to deal with things when I am well rested and feeling energetic.

To find our more about Mummy Shape School Shape programme products, read it here Get Started with Mummy Shape School

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