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Looking for a doctor in the midwest (IL, OH) to treat 80 yo vegan with severe nutritional deficiencies, hashimoto's, & high BP

Posted by ms.pia

My 80 yr old mother who lives in Ohio has been staying with us in Illinois while we attempt to increase her nutritional health so she can be strong enough for a dental restoration. The doctor we were working with did a lot of testing and got her started on methyl B12, recommended D -- but we cannot find a vegan source -- as well as B2, B6, biotin, COQ10, Selenium, NAC, and lipoic acid. When he discovered that many of her amino acids were low, however, he said he couldn't continue to treat her as he did not have the knowledge to tell her what to improve her nutrition in -- knowing that she would not take supplements that were animal based. We are at a standstill.  We ideally need a doctor that takes medicare and understands the needs of an aging vegan who has a conscientious objection to changing what she puts in her body just to improve her health. Do you have any suggestions for us in the midwest -- preferably Illinois or Ohio? Thank you!! Also, a recommendation for a vegan form of D? She has been told of the potential differences between d2 and d3, but would still prefer d2 since it is plant-based. As far as the amino acids, she takes several tbsp of bragg's aminos every day so she is obviously having a problem with absorption. Thank you!

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