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Learning the Hard Way

Posted Feb 19 2011 10:37pm

[[Side Note: Learning the Hard Way..

Wow, your comments totally blew me away from yesterday’s post .  I can’t express my gratitude enough for your supportive words brought tears to my eyes.  It’s this community that really helps me through so many of the bad times and makes me realize how irrational I’m being, and get things straight in my head.

Anyhow, after last night’s post I had yet to eat dinner.  And truthfully I wasn’t going to eat anything.  I wanted to restrict so badly and was determined.  But then I realized, “Wtf was I thinking? I have a long run tomorrow morning and have to ready myself for it or it’s gonna suck.”  I was still reluctant to eat anything and ended up with two oranges and a handful of cashews right before I went to bed.

This morning I woke up feeling pretty good, with a more positive attitude about the way I was going to play things out.  I was even more excited to look outside and see that well, there was not a snowflake on the ground, when all week they had predicted we’ve be under up to 6 inches of the fluffy stuff!  No complaints for me, as it meant I would be able run outside!  Granted it was 35F and I don’t have running pants but capris, but I knew it would be so much better than the gym.

I fueled up for the run w/ a carrot and raisin muffin slathered with some pb and an apple, and headed out the door shortly after, layered in all the warm stuff I owned.

The run itself, was less than stellar.  Ok, it royally sucked.  And I only have myself to blame for it being that way.  I may have eaten some good food pre run in the morning, but the night before was the kicker.  My body didn’t have enough energy or reserves for that matter, to get me through the run feeling good, like last week.

I spent the run beating myself up and doubting my ability to run my 1/2 marathon in two weeks, but I knew this was one instance, and I had learned my lesson.  To remember how horrible it feels when doing something you absolutely love is devastating.  I never, EVER want it to happen again.

Your words also helped me throughout the day as I tried to figure out what to think of myself, and turned out that I’m learning lessons.  They may present tough love, but I’m learning…slowly.  Haha. ]]

Man, I woke up this morning expecting a huge blanket of snow on the ground but what is this?  Nothing but a few puddles and some slight winds…Mr. Meteorologist, where did you go wrong?  I’ve been waiting for this snow all week long!

Anyhow, as explained above, fueled up for the long run and headed out, expectations blown out the window and well, lets just say it wasn’t the best part of my day…because I got to pick up my organic produce box for the week!  Yay!

pics 005

I’m super excited for the fresh thyme; I love thyme.  But man, I am over all the citrus!  You should see the container I already have full of them from the past weeks!  Ideas of what to do with the orange varieties?  I’m not a fan of juice so don’t say that…something else!

Maybe I had a feeling the run wasn’t going to be all that great, but I was ready when I got home with a protein shake made out of the chocolate vega mix I’ve had since HLS…man that stuff is good.  Finally one that doesn’t taste like chalk!  Anyhow, I didn’t really want to drink it straight, so for the first time ever, I tried it in my oats!  I know everyone has been doing this for some time but, I guess I was afraid it was going to make my oats chalky.  No lie it was delicious, as I also added a frozen banana and a dollop of Natureally More PB to the top!

pics 002

I spent the afternoon plastered to my couch trying to catch up on my shows from the week…White Collar is no longer being updated on Hulu!!! Wahhhhhhhh…I want me some Neal Caffrey!  I swoon

I snacked throughout the afternoon on things like a Banana Chocolate Chip Walnut Muffin and some Multi-Grain Crackers with hummus, and a clementine. But I was more excited for dinner since I had so much fresh produce up for roasting! I chopped up two potatoes, two turnips, a whole head of cauliflower, 6 shallots and 6 cloves of garlic mixed with herbs for a delicious dinner!  I also had a pot of chickpeas boiling away on the stove as the veggies were roasting!

pics 007

Can’t get any more fresh than that, eh?!  All dipped in organic ketchup of course…can’t go without it and roasted veggies!

Now I’m sipping on some tea, cuddling with my kitty, watching Titanic and contemplating another muffin for dessert and a few chocolate chips…I found some that were vegan so I’m set!

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