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Lazy Sunday, Tired Monday

Posted Nov 01 2010 8:03pm

I’m so sad the weekend’s over, but really, I’m almost 1/2 way through my week anyhow! I’m only working today through Wednesday then I’m headed to…


SAN FRANCISCO BABY!!!  I have the pleasure of going on the 7+ hour drive with Bobbi to start the adventure of our weekend!  I’m so excited to spend time with old friends and meet so many new ones!  It’s going to be such a blast!  Now if only I could figure out what to bring to wear…uh oh.  Major dilemma.

Anyhow, that doesn’t start for another three days, so instead I’ll take you back two days and make you drool.  Ok, probably not…but I’ll try.  My food never looks as good as the stuff you see on foodgawker .  Totally jealous.

I started Sunday off by sleeping in, until 7.30 (hurray for me!) and cleaning the apartment because I had a guest (who I’m now deeming “W”) coming over (wink::wink).  So after being doused in too much bleach, I finally sat down to breakfast, which I forgot to take a picture of.  It was my first time mixing PB Flour in my yogurt though!  I think it would be better with regular yogurt vs. greek yogurt because it made it so much thinker…because flour is a thickener.  Duh.

Anyhow, I mixed 1/2 C Plain Greek Yogurt w/ 1 heaping spoonful of pb flour with some vanilla extract, then an apple and 1/4C Apple Cinnamon Granola Munch by Attune Foods.  Freak’n delicious!  Just imagine a beige blob of chunkiness in your mind and you got it.

I went for a 4.5 mi run a few hours later before “W” came over to hang out….and I tried to eat this veggie hummus bagel without looking like a ravenous pig!  I was starving!

pics 002

I chatted the afternoon away before deeming to be starving and going to eat my arm off, so we headed to the store to get some supplies for dinner.  I seriously think that best thing to make non-vegetarians the first few times they’re trying out meatless meals is Portobello Mushroom Burgers.  I mean, it’s meaty and hearty…so how could you go wrong?

Besides, when you lather it in crushed garlic and olive oil, then serve it on garlic artisan bread with garlic hummus, lettuce and tomato, how could you go wrong?

pics 005

pics 009

And then serve Indian spice laden sweet potato fries on the side with ketchup?  You’d got an awesome dinner.

pics 008

I ate my mushroom open faced with some grilled onions on two pieces of the bread…delishhhhhh.

pics 014

And of course the night ended the same as tonight, with a small bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with Attune Chocolate Munch Granola.  Even though it was 39F outside.

Oh, and you would be so proud, like my mom, because I actually spilled some money to buy some treats for the little trick or treaters.  Sorry, I’m a Halloween hater. Ok, I’m not sorry.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when I have my own kids and they want homemade costumes…ugg.

So, the night ended…late, and the morning started a few hours after that.  Haha!  Thank goodness I make my own schedule…unlike poor W who had to be up early for work.

I had a quick breakfast before shooting out the door. Cereal mess of Kashi H2H, TJ’s High Fiber O’s, PB Puffins, a banana and USVAB…so tasty.  I love how peanut-buttery puffins are.  They’re the best!

pics 001

But of course cereal messes never hold me over so soon enough I was inhaling this zbar while trying to count all the little annoying birds…I almost didn’t ‘know what to do there were so many of them!  Yikes!

pics 003

Oh, and is it horrible I wanted this organic carrot truck to crash so I could pose as bugs bunny and turn orange from so much carotene absorption? Bohahaha!

pics 005

Oh, but look at the baby horse, or foal!!!  Don’t pay attention to that laying on ground…

pics 006

It’s ok, I thought it was dead too. But I waited until it moved to make sure.  Whew! I was so scared!!!

pics 010

By the time I got to my next point I was famished and in pain I was so hungry.  Too bad I brought the most unfulfilling lunch on the face of this planet. What? You see chocolate in there? Yes, I might have snuck some in there…but it’s healthy, promise!  It’s actually one of my chocolate calcium adore circles!  So it’s justified…with the almond butter and apple. Tastttttty.

pics 012

The rest of the day was exhausting but I go through it and as soon as I got home it was basically time for dinner!  I had been thinking about this sandwich all day and about dinner chew it I wanted it so badly!

I used two slices of the leftover garlic artisan bread from last night and grilled it with some sharp cheddar cheese…along with some marinara to dip it in on the side. Oh heaven on a plate.

pics 013

I hate being lactose intolerant…means I can’t have ooey gooey cheese whenever I want.  Freak’n Japanese genes!

pics 017

How could you pass that up eh?

All served along side a mixed salad with some Italian dressing.

pics 020

Same dessert as last night, but this time I got a picture.

pics 022

Annnnnd: BED.

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