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Just Listen

Posted Jun 26 2010 9:05pm

Today was about listening to my body, or at least trying to and obliging to it’s demands. 

I woke up at an ungodly hour this morning even after going to bed at almost 11pm.  What hour? 5.45 peeps…only 15 min later than when I wake up for work.  Arg.

I gave myself some time to wake up and play with Honey with plans to go on a 8-9 mile run to start on my 1/2 marathon training this weekend.  I needed something with substance but light enough to not upset the belly:

whole wheat flax bread with pb and blueberries.

CA2010 002

I waited a little bit before heading out the door, stoked that it wasn’t too windy and I’d be able to enjoy the long distance without getting too whipped by the wind.  Anyhow, I started out against the wind with hopes of having more energy, but that was a total bust. I wasn’t even a mile into the run and my body just wasn’t into it. I thought maybe it was my muscles not loosening up, but after another mile my body was still pissed.  I really tried to fight it, thinking it was mental, but it just didn’t work and I knew it was never going to.  So I hit 3 miles and that was it.  I ran back a little bit to complete about 4 miles and walked.  I felt horrible, physically because there was just something wrong, and mentally because I couldn’t complete it.

Very frustrating to say the least.  I am pretty sure that the lack of sleep played a huge part in how my body was responding, but I was still pissed that I couldn’t complete the run.  The weather and every other condition was perfect, but I wasn’t.  I thought I would be able to compete and charge through the feeling as I’ve done so many times before, but it didn’t happen.  I felt weak, but really I was simply exhausted.  And that’s ok.  It’s ok that I didn’t finish the run no matter how much I wanted it and that it doesn’t make me a failure.  I listened to my body and that was the best thing I could do for myself.  When it felt too weak, I stopped and let it rest.  When it was tired and soar, I made sure to stretch and rest it until it felt better.

I ended up back with some time to spare before Tai Chi so I cleaned up and took a BATH.  Yes, I took a bath.  I bought some White Tea bath crystals the other week and couldn’t wait to try them.  I cleaned out the bathtub (though it’s used as the shower anyhow) and took advantage of it to help me relax.  It was so nice to just sit and relax (even if I did only fill the bath half way up) and the smell of the crystals was so relaxing…anyone still take baths?  Even if it’s just to relax?

I was pretty hungry so I whipped up a smoothie with Jay Robb’s Chocolate Whey Protein Powder, water, some frozen mango chunks, 1/2 a frozen banana and 4 strawberries.  Delight…but not as good as the vanilla one, better than the rice protein and didn’t taste much chocolate, mostly mango out of everything.

  CA2010 003 CA2010 004

As you can tell there was a lot in that smoothie and it made quite a bit!  That’s a full tall glass in the background!  I ended up mixing 3/4 of a cup of H2H into the smoothie for some crunch…I love having crunch to my smoothies!

I headed off to my first lesson to Tai Chi and it was so relaxing.  I thought I was going to be learning new things but it’s actually the same moves I learned almost 5 years ago when I was in college, just with some variation in the arm movements.  Overall it was nice and I will continue to keep going, as it certainly helped with the stress I made over feeling failed over that run!  Tai Chi is seriously so relaxing…anyone done tai chi?

I was there for two hours and made a quick stop to the grocery store before heading home and I was famished!  I was so hungry my belly felt like it was being eaten!  Ack! What better than a snack plate to cure that eh?

fresh peach from the farmers market

  CA2010 005

and some kashi crackers, athenos red pepper hummus, two carrots and some cucumber slices.

CA2010 006

I snacked on some Soy Sesame Trader Joes crackers and a Blackberry Bar while watching some movies on my new computer…which I just realized I have yet to share with you!  Soon enough!

When dinner finally rolled around and my tummy was growling, I didn’t really feel like eating dinner-type foods.  I was in the mood for breakfast foods!  What better than yogurt, berries, cereal and pb!?

CA2010 008

Honey couldn’t resist…

CA2010 009

and a small handful of chocolate chips to round out the night. 

Lifetime movie network here I come!  What a Saturday night eh? I’m so crazy…

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