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In fact, he said only on a part

Posted Dec 04 2012 12:43pm
Cars and cattle wagon above the canvas has piled up a thick layer of snow, in this light, the huge BRIC looks ordinary bricks and not much difference.
    Car into the woods go! Karen command issued after the two car's engine is difficult to start up those cattle and horses also took the the car step a tottering walk over to the woods.
    beside the car, Haili Mu finally feel the wind is not so big, but the cold outside or pressing.
    In fact, he said only on a part, British commanders did because of the tragic story of the not yet commandos from falling into the hands of British troops. However, in order to escape the British army chase, Tobias his troops North Face Down Jackets to enter a remote forest areas, in floating snow winter night, they are trees under cold shivering.
    Second lieutenant! Behind the British seem to have disappeared, and we are not to find a place to light a fire ah! Tobias looked a surrounding shrink a break in the trees below a dozen commandos, was very disturbed if not he insisted tardy cover of these soldiers do not have to follow him all night in retreat.
    Tobias try to inspire these exhausted but hungry soldiers, British pursuers into rows, very difficult for them to muddle through here, as far as possible away from the pursuers best way The only thing that Tobias Sri Lanka feel fortunate that he no serious injuries No..
    Snapped ......! ......
    Not far from the sudden gunfire sounds, many branches snow crashing to echo in the woods without leaves came far, far away.
    Tobias unclear followed the support of British forces, but even in bad weather, they did not give up the chase for the German commandos who, behind the British pursuers simply a group of ruthless hunter, several fights before, they have never encountered British troops so the persistent pursuit. several times Tobias like to find a place a north face clearance good blocking group of pursuers, but think of during the day to see a more crowded pursuers, he abandoned this intention, that will only make their own troops into deeper trouble, and these commandos who basically only a dozen rounds of bullets.
    If the snow is a large number of words, prop
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