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In a food rut? Break out with NaNeFoMo!

Posted by Living-Learning-Eating


I saw an episode of 'Perfektes Dinner' (a German reality cooking competition show) the other day where a vegan cook WON the whole week with her amazing stuff! And then I was like - wow, there's so much there that I want to try. But I don't!


This December, challenge yourself to either (a) break out of a food rut, (b) discover something new and exciting, (c) impress your non-veg*n friends, or (d) a combo of the above with NaNeFoMo - National New Food Month!


Here's how NaNeFoMo works:
1)   Grab the NaNeFoMo button   over at my blog ( ) . 
2)   Make a bucket list   of foods to try - choose at least 5, but up to as many as you want! That averages a minimum of slightly more than one food per week. Totally do-able! :)
3) At the end of December, after you all WIN NaNeFoMo, I'll choose one   winner, based on my perception of how into it they got (this is why it's important that y'all drop me links to your NaNeFoMo posts!) and that winner will get an awesome, hand-crafted  care package   from me! YAY! :)
Please join up and spread the word - let's discover new tasties this December in a foodie challenge like no other! :P


If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment on my blog, or email me at . 

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