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iHerb Winner and My Bear Encounter!

Posted Aug 08 2011 11:13pm
Number 17: Lindsey !


Congrats lady!  If you could email me so I can get your email address I’ll send that along to iHerb so you can start your shopping!  You’re going to love all the products you get; I know I have!


Today was a fun and exciting, yet scary day in the field.  This is where it all started: on the Pacific Crest Trail.  I’m walking along, clapping my hands (more on that in a minute) and looking out for snakes when I take a step and realize oh snap! I can’t step on this little guy!  Horned Lizard!!! Isn’t he a cutie?  He was probably just bigger than the size of my palm and so calm.  It was warm and he blended in soooooo well!


I finished my walk to the first place I needed to get to and came upon these two beauties (Ok, these specific mule deers were seen a month ago, but I basically saw the same thing)!  Who doesn’t love a fawn and her mama!

cov 027

And then, the real excitement happened.  I’m at my last survey point and I hear this grunt, that sounds playful and not like a grown bear.  The wind is blowing so I try to brush it off.  Then I hear it again…and branches being crushed.  I squat behind a rock that I’m at and squeeze this for dear life
( Source )

About 150-200m away a baby black bear comes bounding out of the forest.  Holy crap my heart is racing and I feel like I’m going to puke.  The cub is running around, going after his Mama, playing around with her as they head down the mountain.  I watch cautiously and thanked my lucky stars that I hadn’t walked down that path 20 minutes later than I had, and was DOWNWIND.  They couldn’t smell me…or at least I thought so.  They didn’t come after me, so that’s all that counts.

( Source )

You’d think I’d be terrified every time I got out in the field with the chance that I could run into a bear, mountain lion, rattlesnake, bobcat and the like, but the only thing that really terrifies me is bears, and bees.  Yes, bees.  I’m always afraid of swarms.  But anyhow, as scared as I was when they were walking by, it was amazing to see them in their natural setting.  I have seen black bears before up in Mammoth Lakes, CA as a kid, but it’s been years and when I saw them last, they were upturning my fishing camp taking all my fish I'd caught all morning!  Bah!

6.5 miles later and I had seen more hummingbirds than I could count and more mammals and reptiles in one day since the first of the year!  It was definitely a great day in the field!

I had a great breakfast before the hike (breakfast cookie with pb flour and lots of berries on top) and mid hike I ate a Cookie Dough Luna Protein Bar, but faster than you could blink because I was afraid a bear would smell it (go figure, they showed up 10 minutes later; hah!).  So you can imagine that by the time I got back to my car I was starving…and realized I forgot my lunch.  FAIL! 

I had an apple so I ate that on the drive home and knowing I had a pb&j waiting on the counter at home, I instead decided to go to the local bakery and get my favorite veggie sandwich with the best spicy mustard I’ve ever had (and normally I’m not a fan!).  It was delicious and just what I needed after that warm and long hike!

I got home and had to help my roomie with another flat tire so I headed out again, and by the time I got back home again I was starving!  I knew I needed protein so I had a handful of wheat crackers with some dark chocolate dreams pb and a pluot…hit the spot!

I guess that hike took more out of me than I thought because sooner rather than later I was starving and immediately started on dinner!  I have been wanting to make quinoa forever so I finally got on it today, cooking it in some vegetable broth to add in extra flavor.  While that cooked I sautéed onion, squash, green beans, black beans and an ear of corn with some spices to eat along with it.  I topped the whole thing off with some fresh tomato and dinner was set!

pics 001

It was just what I wanted, though could have been more spicy; next time I’ll remember to add in more chili powder.

For dessert I had a mini chocolate soy ice cream bar to cool myself off and then finish some more work!

How was your Monday?  I hope it was good! 
Have you ever seen a black bear?  Or a grizzly even?! 
I want to hear stories of your animal encounters!
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