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if i am lacto ovo vegetarian can i take whey products? thanks

Posted by peridot_tula

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If you are a lacto-ovo vegetarian, then you accept dairy products in your diet.  Whey is a dairy product, so it would be something you could take.

how about pepsi, coke and fanta? thanks

Sodas are basically sugar and water.  The only issue from a vegetarian standpoint is that white sugar is sometimes processed with bone char, which many consider to make it no longer a vegetarian product even though the end product does not contain animal parts.  However, most sodas these days are made with high fructose corn syrup, not sucrose, so this would probably be a non-issue.  The real concern is that soda is wildly unhealthy!

As far as whey is concerned, if you're consuming dairy products than it would be acceptable in your diet.  But if you're thinking you need to use whey powder proetin supplements or the like, you probably don't - as long as you are eating a varied diet, especially if it contains, milk, eggs, and cheese, you are likely getting more than enough proten.

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