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I Waved at a Zebra This Morning

Posted Oct 11 2009 10:02pm

I may have been crazy in the fact that I ran over 9 miles this morning, but I really did wave at a zebra. :)  There’s a game ranch near where I live…the zebra was staring at me from the side of the road.  So I waved and said, “ HiZebra!”

Anyhow, past few days eats have been less than spectacular as my appetite has been, non-existent.  Lets just say emotions have gotten the best of me.

But I did get in my long run for this week.  But holy freak’n crap was it cold ( Yes Dad, I said COLD …it was 55 here this morning!  In TX!?  WTF!?  Although, no where near as bad as it is in Chicago where poor Mica is running her marathon in nearly freezing temps.  Props to you chika!) 

I ran a there and back course, which was entirely flat, and I think my body hates me for it.  I think that by  mixing up a course is what my legs like, because just doing the same motion for an hour and a half becomes quite painful .  So next weekends 10 miler is going to be with some hills …yes, I said HILLS.  Anyhow, I completed about 9.3 miles in 1 hr and 29 minutes.  Not bad, since I haven’t run that distance since just after Christmas last year!!!

Anyhow, knowing that I didn’t want to eat much in the morning, I loaded up on food the night before by snacking on some nuts and vegan chocolate chips just before bed.   And I actually got a solid 8 hrs of sleep.  It has been a very long time since that has happened.

I woke up refreshed and ready to go. I snacked on 1/2 an apple, drank some water, safety pinned a mini chocolate chip clif bar to my shorts and was off!  The wind was blowing my face half the time ( literally ) which slowed me down a bit ( since my legs started off feeling like frozen chicken breasts!).  But I finished strong and wasn’t mentally beaten at all. I thought I would be since I run this road every other time I run, but it was good.  I was having fun w/ the zebra anyhow. :)

I came back, cleaned my sweaty self up and settled on some food: spaghetti squash and black bean pizzaI topped a tortilla w/ laughing cow cheese, then mixed up some spaghetti squash, salsa, black beans and topped it all on the tortilla

blog 143

I finished the rest of my apple on the side w/ some cinnamon.

blog 144   

I’m off to run some errands in town and have a list of all the yummy things I need:

blog 146

( bah! i hate my handwriting!)

But before I head out, a very chocolate dreams filled pb sandwich will be made to take along. :)

blog 145

Have a great Sunday

And I hope everyone that is racing (or has raced; Great job Derek completing your 10k!!!! ) GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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