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I think I might have been flying…

Posted Jul 28 2009 11:52pm

and it was my legs doing all the work.  I woke up totally refreshed this morning (ok, lie, because I actually was still tired but needed to get up and pee, so I couldn’t go back to sleep) after getting a solid 7.5 hrs of sleep!  Finally!  Lets hope that trend continues into tonight!  Fingers crossed!

But before I get one with my day, remember how I talked about my little protein experiment last night?   Well, it totally worked.  I’ve always thought I’d gotten enough protein in my diet but I guess I haven’t been lately, which is why I’m always hungry.  But man, it must have done the body good cause I went to bed content and not overly full and woke up able to run w/o any snack before…and that is very rare for me.  So, moral of the story, MORE PROTEIN FOR ME!!!

Anyhow, woke up and went for a run w/ my new shoes again (which btw, are AWESOME!) and pounded out a good 5.5 mile square in, what?  Wait, did I read that right?  46 MINUTES!?!?!   That’s about an average of 8.30 +/- a mile!  I have no run that fast since my 10k in Dana Point at the Turkey Trot!  At first I thought I might have stopped my watch at some point (lots of lights in my city…but I run through the majority of them) but I remember starting and looking at the time each time I started again.  Never thought I had it in me…guess I should start believe’n eh?  :D

I came back and cleaned up and was FAMISHED at that point, so made the quickest breakfast on record, which was consumed in the quickest time on record: kashi go lean crunch, naturally more pb, 1/2 a banana, lots of raspberries, unsweetened almond breeze.   Delicious.

blog 001

I spent the morning watching Law and Order…yes, I’m addicted.  I watch reruns of reruns.  I’m stupid like that.  And then I napped.  For an hour.  I guess I was still tired.

Lunch!  Had leftover sweet sweet cantaloupe and a white peach

blog 002

And a black bean burger w/ hummus, tomato and lettuce on a whole wheat pita.  I seriously need to find new lunch ideas.  I’m bored and tired of sandwiches.

blog 004

I did some cleaning up around the house and talked to Brad for a while before heading out to dinner to meet up with two of my high school teachers that I still keep in contact with.  Do any of you keep in contact with any teachers from high school??

We met up at a place called Z Tejas Southwestern Grill at the South Coast Plaza (a very high end mall…I never really go there) and ordered the Mushroom Enchiladascovered in a mole sauce served w/ handmade guac, green chile rice and black beans.  It was quite delicious.  I liked the different variety of mushrooms.  I ate one of the enchiladas, all the rice and beans and guac and a piece of mouthwatering cornbread that I forgot to take a picture of.

blog 005

We also ordered dessert which was a Chocolate Fudge Pie with walnuts and pecans, but the most interesting part was that it also had ancho chile in it.  I couldn’t taste it, but the pie was still great!  I only had a bite because I was so full, but it was enough sweetness to satisfy the palate.

blog 007

Then I wandered around the mall and tried on very very expensive dresses.  Like, cocktail dresses for $300. It was nice just to try them…and dream.  Haha.

Got a hill run planned out for tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes!  Bedtime!

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