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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For...

Posted Oct 22 2012 6:00am
Frozen Yogurt!

Ice cream is great, too (of course), and I make sure to have plenty of ice cream in my balanced diet - but there's something so delightful about a really good frozen yogurt.

I've tried Stonyfield Organic Yogurt and I've tried Stonyfield Oikos Greek Yogurt , both of which I enjoyed, so I was excited to try some of their frozen desserts.

I decided to try the  Stonyfield Creme Caramel Low Fat Frozen Yogurt.

I have a soft spot for caramel . As a girl with a sweet tooth, how can you not? It's just so yummy.

The ingredients are all respectable and, like their non-frozen yogurts, it's pretty organic!

I thought it was funny that the pint came with a plastic seal on top, which is more something that yogurts have than something that ice cream has. But I guess it's a freshness seal, maybe?

Sorry for the crack in my bowl. Then again, I bet you're paying more attention to the scoop of creamy, soft, sweet, caramel-loaded frozen yogurt in the bowl than the bowl itself.

There's no iciness here, it's all as creamy as can be - and perfectly sweet, but not too sweet. Anything with lots of caramel runs the risk of becoming too sweet, but this one didn't go in that direction at all.

The frozen yogurt (which was caramel-flavored itself, it wasn't just vanilla with caramel swirls) was perhaps a bit less sweet, so that it wouldn't become cloying with the sticky sweet ribbons caramel.

But they were decidedly generous with the caramel, which I appreciated.

Two thumbs up, Stonyfield! I expect this to be a repeat purchase :)

Anyway, I have a midterm today (aaaaah!!!) and was on-set most of this weekend for an indie short film that I'm in (yay!). Hmm, not a winning combo, I fear...

Have you tried hard frozen yogurt? As opposed to the soft kind in froyo cafes?

Have you ever had Stonyfield frozen yogurt, ice cream, or frozen greek yogurt?

What's your favorite thing with caramel?

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