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I Promise Tomorrow Will Be Better

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:01pm

This post is kinda boring, redundant to say the least…It’s been a bit of a day for my healing heart…I’ll just leave it at that.

But I did get some awesome packages today from my best bestie, and Miss Brandi!

I mean, how could I not be happy over this package from my bestie: TJ’s dark chocolate covered cranberries, chocolate pretzels, pb filled m&m’s, a new journal/poetry writing book, and The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold!  I have already flown through 60+ pages of this baby!  Soooo good!

blog 178

And this one from Brandi!  I had commented on her blog about how I had never had an Amazing Grass bar and was too cheap to buy them ($3 at WF!?), so she was nice enough to send me two from a box she won!!!  She was also sweet enough to send me a few extra things too.  Thanks so much hun!!!  (Anyone had these coconut M&M’s yet???  What did you think?)  Girl knows the way to my heart too; look at all that chocolate, and dark on top of that!

blog 180

I woke up groggy, having tossed and turned all night (even though I had super clean sheets!  I always sleep well in newly cleaned sheets!) so I wasn’t in the mood to eat right after I woke up.  Therefore, I took breakfast out with me today again!  It’s the same boring thing as yesterday: greek yogurt, cinnamon, apple, strawberries, and blackberries.  The last you’ll see of this combo for a while, since I’m out of yogurt.  Sadness.

blog 170

I spent the morning scanning and watching the clouds make fun shapes like hearts and diamonds in the sky…and settled on an early lunch since my tummy starting screaming.  First off, Whole Grain Goldfish:

blog 172

And the last of my spaghetti squash with the last of my black beans, 1/4 a red bell pepper, 1/2 a tomato, some salsa and spinach.  Great combo as always!

blog 173   

I spent the afternoon gawking over my packages and of course had to dig into them a bit… I had a little bit of my dark chocolate cranberries and a few of the pretzels.   Nom Nom.

It looked like it was going to rain this evening so Jen let me go for a run a bit earlier so I wouldn’t be caught running in downpour, thunder and lightning (though I’ve done it before, and it’s quite terrifying!).  I ran 42.20 minutes and think I did around 5 miles, plus or minus .1.  I was totally flying while I was out there, motivated by my flooding emotions today.  It was good though; I felt great, and my leg felt perfect to boot!

I rode my bike home(5 miles total ) and fought the raging amount of mossies that invaded my home.  I got cleaned up (since I had kicked up an insane amount of mud onto my back and even my hair while I ran!) and settled on dinner… a peach to start:

blog 182

and an egg/egg white, laughing cow, tomato, spinach, salsa wrap!  I can never get enough of these things…though I think they taste way better with hummus!

blog 184

I watched a movie and had a quick snack a bit later: Graham Crackerz Cereal by Three Sisters.  Seriously, if you want some good cereals just like the sugary ones we had when we were kids, buy this stuff!  This one was just like Golden Grahams, whereas the other one I had was like Cinnamon Toast CrunchAnd they’re environmentally friendly by not having boxes!   Def a plus in my book!

blog 185

The rest of the night was spent zoning out on this baby …look how far I’m getting!  I should really start studying for my GRE’s…but I don’t want to.  No way I could have any sort of concentration tonight, although these things take some serious concentration of sorts!  I guess it’s a different kind than studying, eh?

blog 187    

Crafty eh?

Off to get some rest…tomorrow is probably going to be a very long and daunting day as the count has been very low ( 18 birds today ) and I’ll be alone…oh boy…that’s never good…G’night!

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