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I know you didn’t forget about my GIVEAWAY!

Posted Jul 28 2009 12:30am

You’ve only got a few more days!  So submit your recipes and link back to get more entries and win some raw cacao nibs and/or coffee!  Believe me, this stuff is GOOD!

I sure did go MIA yesterday didn’t I?  Not too much to report, other than I could not sleep for the life of me the past few nights.  When the air is too still, and even though I have a fan blowing on me, there is no sleepy time for Melissa.  Boohiss.

As far as me not posting though, it’s because I’ve been preoccupied with this new toy:

Book 070

Yep, I got a new phone.  My contract wasn’t up but for where I’m moving for my next job in Texas, I will have no access to the internet.  HOW WOULD I BLOG?!?!!?!   So I did this for all of you, spending lots of my life savings so I could keep up with the blog (and my social life. Whatever that is… ) via tethering to my laptop and using the phone for the internet.  Yeah, your little chicky here worked the system and is gonna make it happen.  Beat that being out in the middle of no where living in a 40 ft. travel trailer  with a stranger for 3 months and working for the environment for very little money but absolutely loving it. :)  Damnnnnn straight.

Anyhow, food!  As for the rest of Saturday after the race I went out and met up with a friend and had an awesome lunch at The Veggie Grill …unfortunately I forgot my camera so I have no picture.  But this place has the most awesome sweet potato fries, and the only place where I can actually eat them plain without utter disgust (yes yes yes…sorry everyone, but I hate sweet potatoes).  The rest of the night was just snacking…nothing too exciting.

But all of yesterday’s choices were delicious!   I was starving by the time I got out of bed (after waking up at 3.30am and trying to unsuccessfully fall back asleep) and needed to eat quick as I was off TO GET NEW RUNNING SHOES …so I had a banana w/ naturally more pb on an arnold’s thin …and can I tell you how excited I was to find these in the stores here on the west coast?  Before I moved out to FL in January I had never had one and they weren’t sold out here…so you can imagine my excitement and surprise when I got home from FL and saw them here.  Yay!

  Book 069  

Check out the new footwear:


$$$$$$ later …but will be totally worth it (finger’s crossed).

Famished when I got home: leftover portabello mushroom in whole wheat pita w/ mustard, onion, spinach, and tomato with a side of grapes…

Book 071Book 072Book 073

And the rest of my strawberries.

Book 074

And I had to have something sweeter cold…cause it’s hot there.

Book 075  

I don’t remember what I did the rest of the afternoon…that’s how exciting it was.  But dinner was FABULOUS.  I had an Amy’s Non-dairy burrito topped w/ salsa and a side veggie and spinach salad.

Book 076

And the juiciest watermelon ever.

Book 077

And then I had ice cream, AGAIN.  My Bestie and I finally got in touch with each other and went out to talk, and of course get some grub.  We ended up at Cold Stone and I got the Sinless Ice Cream w/ mini chocolate chips, and ate about 3/4…Although I must admit, I wasn’t feeling too great about eating ice cream for the SECOND TIME that day…but I’ll just remember to lay off today. :)

Off to hit the track and try out my new shoes!  Finger’s crossed! 

And today is full of funness!

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