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Humble Grains Goodness & a Tennis Lesson

Posted Jul 10 2011 5:37pm
      Big news - I watched a movie last night!
     Momma J gave us "Julie & Julia" maybe a year ago and I'm not sure why it took me so long to watch it.  Well, yes I do - I'm not a huge movie fan but this one was awesome.  We divided the movie into two parts...not by choice, but because I fell asleep after the first half last night.
 Thanks to Forrest for this photo.
     We watched the rest of it this morning before church and it was so inspiring!  It's all about a girl trapped in a cubicle by day but feels alive in her kitchen by night.  Her spare time becomes consumed with cooking, eating, and blogging - that sounds familiar.  Even though I would never attempt to recreate Julia Child's recipes (mostly because of the meat factor andddd the butter), I could totally relate to Julie's passion for food and writing - hey, maybe one day I'll write a vegetarian cook book...or a book about Salvador - not sure which subject people are more interested in :)
   "You know the only reason your blog ratings have increased is because of me - don't kid yourself. Woofie woof woof!"     During the first half of the movie, Forrest opened a bottle of wine and we shared a pizza....
Forrest was a big fan of this wine...and I'm a big fan of the label - simple yet funky, just my style!  Never waste a drop.  Forrest loves some Amy's Pesto Pizza - I had one piece and he handled the rest.      Like I mentioned earlier, we finished "Julie & Julia" this morning while drinking coffee and eating some of this delicious-ness.... Orange Bread  While we were passing out Veggie Table samples at the Poplar Head Farmers Market  yesterday, one of the bakers from Humble Grains came over and gave us a free sample of their Orange Bread - SO. GOOD.  Humble Grains is a local vendor who (besides the Bread Lady) makes the best bread ever.  Do yourself a favor next Saturday and hit up their tent at the market for some of their fresh baked breads - be there early because they sell out fast!     After church, we hit up the tennis court - here is a preview of my warm-up skillz..... There is a ball in front of least in my head.  That is one powerful swing, ha.  I could totally take down Serena and the same time.  And that, my friends, is how it's done.      Forrest and I played for a while until I started to itch.....   Mosquitoes love me....but the feeling is not mutual.     Tune in tomorrow night for a new recipe which includes eggplant.  Well, hopefully it will be worth sharing - I rarely do anything with those purple-gourds because Forrest isn't a huge fan....but he will be by tomorrow night :)  Until then, I leave you with a blog rating booster :) Yo Forrest, I think there is something in your shirt.  Yep, definitely something in your shirt....  and now it's on your face.
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