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How to Cook the Perfect Rice Every Time

Posted Jul 16 2010 12:00am

Step One: Proper storage

Proper storage has every bit to do with a great product. Rice should always be stored in a cool and dry pantry. Make sure the bag is completely sealed and use within a year of purchasing.

Step Two: Cleaning and soaking

Washing rice has become a thing of the ancient past. Rice these days is washed thoroughly before packaging, so only a quick rinse is necessary to remove excess starch and debris. Long grain rice benefits from an hour soak as it will become less brittle and likely to break during the cooking process.

Step Three: The Three Amigos a.k.a. Cooking Methods

Some rices are best cooked in large amounts of water and covered with a lid, others are best steamed, and some required a combo of the two. Here’s the low down:

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