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Home made popcorn

Posted by Swati S.

If you like popcorn, but want to cut down on the excess butter and salt, then try making it at home. It is amazingly simple. Add some butter (very little) in a deep pan. Throw in some corn kernels, and add a little salt. Cover the pan and you will hear the sound of corn popping. Stir the pan a few times and keep it covered until all the corn is popped. Your fresh, home made popcorn is ready to eat.
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My grandfather used to make homemade popcorn every single night - until microwave popcorn came around. Then he would pop that for us all instead. I have to say, there was nothing like the homemade corn. Since people have suggested that microwave corn contains carcinogens, it's definitely something to consider. You can control the salt and butter and there's something about the natural pop that is so much fresher. And popcorn in high in fiber, so you're getting a snack and some excellent colon cleansing!
I agree with youon this - there is something very soothing about the sound of each corn going pop pop!!
Here's some background on the bad rap popcorn has been getting lately because of the additives in some of the pre-packaged, butter-flavored microwave varieties. A proposed new law has passed in the House to make safety regulations stricter in plants where the popcorn additive diacetyl is used. And several lawsuits have been filed after a number of popcorn plant workers began getting something called ?bronchiolitis obliterans,? or more commonly "popcorn lung." Meanwhile, because popcorn is low-calorie and whole-wheat, foodies around the country are proposing you cook popcorn without additives but add your own seasonings to get a gourmet flavor. I found a tasty recipe for Rosemary Cheese Popcorn in the Kansas City Star which still uses fat-free microwave popcorn. See it here:
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