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Health tips for getting on a plane

Posted Sep 26 2012 12:59pm
As I am on my way to Nimes in France I thought I would write an article about healthy choices when travelling by plane.  Here are 5 top tips:

1. Water- always stay hydrated.  With over active heating or air conditioning systems, you can quickly dry out and not notice how dehydrated you are. Also swallowing water will help you with ear pressure issues.

2. Alcohol- there is always the temptation to enjoy a tipple on the plane especially when you are in holiday mode.  If you are indulging, just be sure to drink water between drinks and after to keep hydrated and be sure to not overdo it especially if flying makes you nauseous.

3. Movement- depending on the length of flight you are undertaking, it is important to take regular breaks from sitting. Simply take a short break to the bathroom area, just to stretch your legs and increase your circulation. You will be doing this anyway if you are drinking your water! 

4. Airplane food- this sort of food has always got a bad wrap. Remember “Chicken or beef?” Well, not only is the range of on board food changing on long haul flights but there seems to be a new health conscious wave on domestic flights on certain budget airlines. In fact on our first intercity flight, I saw a wonderful healthy option including a raw food bar and dried fruit and nuts with crackers and cheese. My tip for long haul flights is pre order a vegetarian option. You will not only get a good, nutritious meal but you always get yours first brought to your seat!

5. Combat radiation- up your intake of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables – whether you are aware of this or not, flying closer to the sun means move radiation, which in turn means more oxidative stress. This is linked to degenerative diseases and premature ageing.  Be sure to stock up on fresh, raw fruit and veg before and after you fly.

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