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Heading Home (SPRING BREAK!)

Posted Mar 09 2012 8:15pm
Here's my day (rough sketches - NO, this isn't all that I did today and NO this definitely wasn't all that I ate today - not even close)
8am - Eat breakfast in the dining hall.

8:30am - Throw a few things in a suitcase, it's spring breeeeaaaak!

9am - Head to the T to go to the airport.

10am - Arrive at the airport. Have a pear.

11am - Get on my flight to DCA. Be amazed at how lucky I am. If you don't want silly girliness, skip to the next non-italicized part.

You know how you never have that seat partner, the one who's ACTUALLY someone you'd like to sit next to? Well, I got to the airport and sat down in the seating terminal waiting area thing-y (I know, my terminology is so devastatingly precise) and saw this Ryan Gosling look-alike at my gate. No, seriously, he looked exactly like Ryan Gosling. Not my type, but I'm not going to lie - that's pretty cute.

Anyway, I enjoyed a snack and with my eye candy.

An apple, an overpriced cup of tea from Illy, and a miniature bottle of Pellegrino - only 8.45oz and so adorable! I checked out my plane...

...then boarded. I got to my seat before my seat mate, so I just sat there and enjoyed the peace for a moment. You see, I always end up with a variation of the exact same seatmate - some elderly man/woman who feels compelled to recount his/her unabridged. unpenned (thank God) autobiography to me between take off and touch down. 

BUT NO. Helloooooooo, Ryan Gosling. I almost squealed when he sat down, it was ridiculous. Obviously, I didn't actually squeal (just in my head). But it was very nice - no garlic-and-denture-paste-scented old person, no life stories. Just me looking out the window and him doing work (a bunch of printouts from the Yale Law Journal - they looked really interesting and I was so tempted to read over his shoulder, but I didn't want to be That Creepy Girl from the Plane). 

Okay, silly girliness over! Sadly, with my landing in DCA, my good luck ended, too. I just didn't know it yet.

I went to Cibo and bought a tasty 'rainbow' salad for $8.95 (um, really? Cibo, you're killing me here!)

It was really good (I loved the caramelized pecans - soooooo good!) but the bright pink dressing was a bit uninspired and nearly unpalatable. It was also pretty much as big as my laptop.

Not that I didn't eat every single bite. I did. Soooo good.

I tried to get internet (DCA fail - why can't all airports have free wifi like BOS?) and then I studied organic chemistry for a bit.

YES, it cost me almost TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS to change my return flight to bring me back to campus on Wednesday, instead of the weekend (aka, the end of spring break) because I can't have all of spring break off - I have to attend review sessions and office hours to prepare for the midterm that we have THE DAY AFTER SPRING BREAK.

Orgo and me are soooooo not besties.

Anyway, I got a packet of veggie chips from Cibo for five dollars - seriously, guys?! Why is everything so expensive? The gustatory gal in me loves Cibo's gourmet goods, but the broke college kid in me does not love their price. I also had this beauty


What, you're not excited for me? Come on, that's a pretty big occasion in a foodie's life: her very first Luna bar. They're pretty talked up in the blogosphere and I've seen them around a lot, but just never had one before. I don't know why, but I was excited when I got a few Luna Protein bars in the mail. You know I love bars. :)

And now I'm like 'why haven't I tried these earlier? What's wrong with me?' They're legit like chocolate bars. Smooth, rich, decadent chocolate bars with true chocolate bar (and nougat filling) texture. Kind of like a milky way? Only minty - and with chocolate chips!

YUM YUM YUM in my mouth. Totally going out to buy more ASAP. Or rather, tomorrow. Because I just got home. Which gets to the whole 'change of luck' bit of the story, but I'll give you one more picture of this beauty before I get to that.

Okay. Now go get some of your own, instead of reading this next part. Because it's basically just me ranting about US Airways.

Alright, I warned you.

GAHHHHHHHHHH HALF A DAY OF DELAYS!!!!! I missed a lecture this morning (the last one before break) so that I could get home by the afternoon and thus have a little more of my spring break (which, in reality, has just turned into a long weekend at home). BUT NO. I so could have gone to lecture and booked a later flight. I JUST GOT HOME. Insert a very, very, very unhappy face here.

Anyway, finally got home and wanted to make a microwave cake ...

Except apparently our thirteen-year-old microwave just died and they haven't gotten around to replacing it yet. Which I learned of after I'd already mixed the ingredients together. I broiled it in the oven instead, but wasn't patient enough to do it for more than about five minutes, so only the top was actually baked through. The rest was pretty much raw and actually pretty gross, but I was hungry and wanted something to tide me over until dinner (we have really late dinners at my house).

Yeah, next time...I won't do the microwave cake unless I have a microwave. Or enough patience to wait half an hour as it bakes at a respectable 350F.

How was your day?

Are you on spring break now, too?

When did you have your first Luna bar? What's your favorite flavor?
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