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Have you lost someone in your family to cancer or heart disease?

Posted Apr 04 2013 2:49pm
I think we have all been affected by these terrible diseases whether it be a family member or close friend. In the UK in 2010, there were 157,275 deaths from cancer. Heart and circulatory disease was the main cause of death in the UK in 2010. Over 179,000 people died from cardiovascular disease in the UK – almost one in three of all deaths

I personally have lost 4 family members to cancer or heart related illnesses. My mother died of lung cancer, my grandmother had angina, my grandfather died of heart complications and my sister at age 6 had a brain tumour. It is from these tragedies that my I discovered my own purpose to help others to live long, happy and healthy lives free from disease or illness and of course for me to be there for all the important milestones in my child’s life. My commitment to become a health coach , to share the gift of health through Juiceplus+ and creating Mummy Shape School to work with new mummies to help them to lose the baby weight and be the role models of their family’s health are all a result of understanding how our lifestyle choices affect our chances of illness and disease.

This week, I want to tell you about a very special speaker we are bringing to Belfast to share vital information about the link between nutrition and degenerative diseases like cancer and heart disease. Dr Nyjon Eccles is a renowned Breast Cancer Specialist and shares a unique view of health care. After spending time in research and practice of “chemical-based” medicine and not happy with the possibilities that could be achieved by single chemical pharmaceuticals in health restoration, Dr. Eccles decided to expand and develop his longstanding interest in Nutritional Medicine. This journey took him to the Czech Republic, Spain, India and the USA where he studied with pioneering doctors who’s broader approach, over and above relief of symptoms, was achieving dramatic restoration of health using nutrients, phytochemicals and electromagnetic medicine. His observation of cancer remissions led him to develop this area as a special interest. Over the years he has developed specific and powerful nutritional programs for restoration of cellular health. These therapies he offers at The Chiron Clinic, which he set up in 1998.

He is pioneering the introduction to the UK of Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging for very early non-invasive detection of breast cancer and screening of musculoskeletal disorders. He states, “Earlier detection in younger women by Thermography gives us an unprecedented opportunity to stem the tide of increasing breast cancer occurrence. Thermal abnormalities indicative of increased risk can then be reversed by the correct attention to lifestyle, nutrition and lymph detoxification”.

He is one of the leading Integrated Medicine Physicians in the UK and has a reputation for his practice of evidence-based Complementary Medicine. Dr Eccles will be at the Ramada Encore Hotel on Saturday 20th April at 10am.

I would like to extend a special invitation to my clients, friends and community to attend this event as my guest. (Usual price is £15) I have a few complimentary tickets and would like them to go to people who have been affected by cancer or heart disease in their lives or would like to learn more about nutrition as a way to prevent illness and disease.

If you are interested to attend this as my guest, simply contact me or follow this link to register .

Yours in long life and vitality


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