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Green thumb challenged?

Posted by Tamar F.

Are you green thumb challenged? Or do you live in a crappy apartment with no light and no space… but you still crave just-picked produce, gourmet chef-style? Here’s what you do! Call up your local agricultural office and ask for their printed information on “pick your own” sites.

Your local farmers have all gotten together and listed their pick your own dates and products. So, you can decide whether it’s blueberries or apples, pumpkins or sweet corn that you need at their peak. If you get a bunch of things, start thinking of recipes to use your produce at its best – no point in picking it fresh and then letting fruit flies eat your bounty!

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Is there typically a charge for the picking or does it cut your costs since it's saving them work? I've never heard of this before. How exciting. I want to find a whole bunch of blueberries and freeze them. There's nothing yummier.
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